TRX Chest & Legs Workout Review

TRX Chest & Legs Workout Review

TRX Chest & Legs Workout is a 30-minute downloadable mobility workout emphasizes the importance of versatility of movement by challenging your whole body with intense multi-planar movements.$9.95 each Instant Online Delivery (Download) HereTRX Chest & Legs Workout Review

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TRX Chest & Legs Workout Review

TRX Chest & Legs Workout Product Details
You can’t predict life’s curves, but with the TRX Chest and Legs Workout, you can at least prepare for them. Build functional strength in all planes of motion with this integrated whole body, 30-minute workout that will challenge you to control your body as a single unit while producing high muscle tension. This download also includes 4 training tips (quick pointers to maximize your TRX workout), 4 featured movements (detailed breakdowns of a single exercise), 4 weekly sequences (to understand the science behind exercises), and a downloadable visual guide (PDF), all of which are easily downloadable to your mobile device. Whether you’re pushing a stroller or pushing a weighted-sled, strength is something everyone needs to succeed.

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TRX Chest & Legs Workout Review by RENAE
Wow, great workout. The focus of this workout is on ” cultivating time under tension” doing a few reps 3-D Strong vs mindless speed and momentum. I love the “twist” they put on a few of the old classic exercises and can’t wait to take my Bootcamp class through this workout.

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TRX Chest & Legs Workout Review by CRAIG
i liked the workout, except some of the exercises were cumbersome to do with the door anchor. i tried my best to adapt one of the exercises so that i could use the door anchor but… i imagine that it is a 5 star workout if you have an overhead anchor. however, i am a renter and can’t put in an anchor in my ceiling so i might have to skip an exercise or two in the future, which is a real bummer for a short workout like this. like i said, almost good.

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TRX – The Portable Performance Training Tool that Leverages Gravity and Body Weight for Every Fitness Goal! Click here!TRX Chest & Legs Workout Review

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TRX Chest & Legs Workout Review

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