TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit DVD Review

TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit DVD Review

TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit DVD
This workout and exercise guide combine TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercises with the anaerobic benefits of jumping rope in a real-time workout led by former Olympian Buddy Lee.
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TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit DVD Review by ANNE
This workout is tough and flies by quickly. I couldn’t do the jump rope in my workout area (aka basement) because the ceilings aren’t high enough, so instead I jump on the treadmill and do sprints while Buddy takes the athletes through their paces. This made the workout far more challenging (sorry, Buddy!) and is something I incorporate into my routines 2x / week.

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TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit DVD Review by SEAN R
I have a neurological disorder that severely limits my balance and coordination. This tremendously limits many of the workouts I can safely do. I’ve tried everything from difficult programs such as P90X and Insanity to milder programs and even basic circuit training, and I always end up having to modify so many of the exercises and sit a lot out completely (because I cannot even safely stand on one leg without holding onto something for support, or use free weights or resistance bands) that it defeats the purpose. I purchased a suspension trainer some time ago and discovered that it is the only way someone such as myself can safely get in a full high intensity resistance training workout without having to modify anything. By combining it with jumping rope (only the basic bounce, none of the trickier jumps), this DVD has given a high intensity cardio and full body circuit that I can safely do without modifying or sitting any exercises out. That’s a first for me, and that makes it a winner in my book.
about 1 year ago

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TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit DVD Review by ROB MACCOLLUM BSC KIN.
My wife has been teaching TRX classes at the local YMCA. I have had the privilege of hearing the comments of the participants after class. People love the regular strength workout, however, she thought she’d base a class using the Cardio Circuit DVD and people loved it even more. As a Kinesiologist, after watching the DVD and her class, I believe that this video makes for a well balanced workout with just enough of both cardio and strength components that anyone can see success in a short period of time.

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