TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Power DVD Review

Check out the TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Power DVD review as this is a killer 50-minute, high intensity interval workout coached by Russian Kettlebell Challenge Chief Instructor Pavel Tsatsouline and TRX Director of Programming Chris Frankel.

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TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Power DVD Product Details
Iron Circuit Power is designed to help you build strength and mass with a series of demanding TRX and kettlebell intervals. This program not only comes with a crushing 50-minute workout, 15-minutes of warm up and cool down, comprehensive TRX Suspension Trainer set up and use instructions, but it also includes an extensive bound and ruggedized 37-page workout guide featuring 18 exercises.

Plus, you will receive the Instant Video Download of the program immediately so you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. If you are looking for the perfect complement for your TRX Suspension Training routine as well as a comprehensive introduction to kettlebells, this is the DVD for you.

TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Conditioning

What better combination than TRX and kettlebells? This workout is intense and interesting. It is a fantastic full body routine demanding mind/body awareness that will leave you feeling satisfied and sore (in a good way). I have several other TRX DVDs and this one takes it up a notch. The kettlebell training is the perfect antidote for anyone missing free weights–except kettlebells are better. The production quality is much improved; it looks more professional and the sound is better.

The coaching and tips during the workout are both helpful and motivating. My one suggestion would be to add a TRX clinic similar to the kettlebell clinic (which is fantastic) to the DVD so the workout is not slowed down by reviewing different progressions and correct form. Like the other DVDs, this one comes with a Workout Guide. Thanks to TRX for this new and improved workout.

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The TRX DVD is well-organized and informative, the material is clearly explained and presented in a very “watchable” format. The exercises provide options for varying proficiency and fitness levels. If you like working with the TRX and kettlebells – get this DVD and see how the combination is greater than the sum of the parts!

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TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Power DVD Review by PATRICK
This DVD is awesome. I just did it today and it was a great all around workout. I felt that the KB clinic was clear and informative. It gave me a base from which to work on my form. The DVD was easy to follow and the workout booklet is a great companion. DO IT! Buy this freakin DVD!

Question: Was the founder of TRX, Randy Hetrick, a Navy SEAL? Yes; he was.

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