SGPT Interviews Bar-Barian UKJay

UK Jay Anthony bar-barian interviewSEALgrinderPT sits down with and exclusive interview with UKJay Anthony – the first UK Bar-Barian and a beast athlete.  Check it out.

SGPT: Tell us about yourself?

UKJAY: I was born and raised in London England, with a passion for fitness from the age of sixteen. I read a lot of comic books back then which aspired me to try and achieve the power and physique’s most of those superhero’s had ripped all over and strong as hell. ha-ha-ha!!

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SGPT: Have you always had an athletic background? DId you play sports in school?

UKJAY: No not really, i played sports but not seriously, i was never in a school sports team, or anything like that. i played football/soccer only casually in the school yard with my piers.

SGPT: How did you get involved in gymnastic style workouts?

UKJAY: After becoming a Bar-barian i wanted to add more strength elements into my training.

SGPT: Tell us about how you became a Bar-Barian (the first UK Bar-Barian at that)?

UKJAY: I got in inspired in 2009 by the original NY Bar-Barisns Zef, Jude and Andy. I became a Bar-Barian back in 2009 after completing the old requirements which consisted of 40 dips,20 pull-ups,50 push-ups,5 muscle-ups. All within 6 minutes. i look back at those numbers and laugh, but that is still a very hard set and time for anybody coming into serious body-weight fitness. they have since changed though. twice so far and are getting tougher and tougher.

SGPT: That is quite an honor to join that select group – what do the Bar-Barians have coming up in 2013.

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UKJAY: We have a couple of body-weight workshops on home soil and abroad lined up. we are also featured in the June edition of muscle and fitness which will be sold across the whole of Europe.

SGPT: What are some of the workouts that you typically do in Bar-Barian style?

UKJAY: I do 5 Min drills. Which consists of one certain exercise done within those minutes ie: Dips/Muscle-ups/pull-ups/push-ups/Burpees etc or even a combination of two. I will then do some straight arm balance/strength work Planche, Handstand push-ups, later that evening or the next day and mix it up with weighted Dips or Pull-ups

SGPT: What are a few tips that you would give other athletes to help them with their pull ups?

UKJAY: Weighted Pull-ups help tremendously to get your pull-up numbers up. i highly recommend them to anyone.

SGPT: Have you had any injuries in the past? If so, how do you avoid injuries in your training?

UKJAY: I have yes-i tore my left rotator cuff slightly and also got very bad tendonitis pain on the inside of my elbow and my forearm. I avoid injuries now by warming up thoroughly and take rest in-between days to fully recover a particular muscle group

SGPT: Thanks for the interview UKJAY.

UKJay: No problem SGPT it was my honor, hope to do it all again sometime. Wishing you all the best for your site. Take care

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UK Barbarians website info:

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