Stag Arms 3g Review

Check out the reviews for the Stag 3G and let us know what you think of this rifle.

Stag Arms 3g review by Aaron
I got the Stag 3g about 2 weeks before deer hunting and only have about a hundred rounds through it.

It is my first AR and with a 4x scope I can shoot 1″ at 100yds.

It makes me look like I know something. A nice gun.

Video- Shooting The New Stag Arms AR15 Model Number 3 by TheTacticalDefender

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Stag 3g review by Jesse T.
You get what you see with the Stag Arms 3G. I was using the JP tube when I got my Stag 3G’s so I was skeptical of the Samson Evolution unit when I first got it. It is a lot lighter and turns out I like it a lot.

If you want a smooth tube check out the AP Customs Carbon Fiber Tubes. They are ultra light and look so good you can’t help but pick up chicks when using one. You can always yank the Samson tube off the gun and get what you paid for it in the Equipement Exchange because they are very popular right now.

Video Stag Arms Model 3 accuracy

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Questions from our readers online and shooters at the range.

Question: What do you prefer with the Larue vs Stag 3g? Or vs Saint AR?Both are very good AR-15s. I would say to go to the range and try both and see which one you like the best.

Question: Do you have a book you recommend to start out and build an AR-15? My brother in law built one and now I am interested. Yes; check out this book and dvd – Building Your AR-15 From Scratch

Question: Do you have any Stag Arms 3T reviews? Check out the video below of the Stag Arms 3.

Question: How can I find out more about the NRA? Check out their website here:

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