What is the Best AR15 for under $1000

top 10 AR-15 upgradesWe get this question every week as shooters want to know what is the best value AR-15 they can get to take to the range or use for home security.

Check out the videos and reviews as we post up this info to help our readers make the best choice.

Best Value QR-15 under $1k by RKM:
The Colt probably is infact the best rifle money can buy for under $1000. Again, that’s not saying any other rifle under $1000 is crap. But, you must admit, they don’t come equipped like the Colt does. I don’t use my rifles extremly hard. I like the keep them ready for defense, but they’re far from abused.

Video – Colt 6920 AR15 Rifle, Best AR for $1000?

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Best Value Ar-15 under $1000 by Bark:
All I’ve got is a plain jane, totally stock Colt A-2 Govt. Carbine (which has the 4 position collapsible stock). It’s a tack driver! I’m running no optics. The only thing I wish I had was a removable carry handle, but hey, when I got it, they weren’t even making AR’s with removable carry handles.

Question: What is a good sight system for the black rifle?

We like the Magpul Industries MBUS Generation II Sight Set Front & Rear.

You don’t have to worry about your battery going dead in your red dot if you have a good set of front and rear sights like the Magpul

Video – Top 5 AR-15 Recommendations

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Best AR-15 under $1k by Yankee:
Personally, I would never spend more than $1k for an AR. Who cares about “furniture”, quad rails, 2 stage triggers, or some $800 optics package? A simple quality rifle with good sights is all you need. I value my money more than “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” at the range. Especially when I out shoot the AR military wanna-bees with my 35 year old Colt Frankenstein. Who’s your master? And where’s that dude’s safety glasses? Subtract 10 credibility points.

Question: What is a good cleaning kit for my weapon?

We like the old school PS Products AR15/M16 – Gun Cleaning Kit

It is very basic but low cost and will get the job done.

We used a similar one to this in the military.

Video – What is best value AR-15?

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Question: What is a good sling upgrade that I can do for my black rifle?

Check out the Magpul Industries MS3- Multi Mission Sling System. This sling is adjustable and a great uptick for your weapon.

Question: What is the best quality out of the box ar-15 under $1000? Check the reviews and videos above.

Question: What is the best rated ar 15 rifle on the market 2013? It depends on what your doing with the rifle and what your budget is? If your looking for value and going to the range to plink then a Colt or Bushmaster will be fine. If you have unlimited budget and shoot competition or just want the best then maybe a Lewis Machine.

Where can I find out more good info on the National Rifle Association? Go to their website here:

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What is the Best AR15 for under $1000

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