Knocking Down Walls

Team SGPT:

Really fired up today. The kind of day where your feet hit the ground and your like “Hellz yeah… this day is gonna be a great day”.

These are the days we are look forward to and live for.

Our gym is being expanded. Knocking down walls and painting and new gear.

I was so fired up last night at the gym it was hard to coach. My mind was racing in the future with plans for the gym.

Earlier that day I stood in the gym – debris on the floor from a day of construction.

I thought about it. This gym is a reflection of my mind. My body.

Hear me out… I know you think I am getting weird…but wait.

This gym represents an idea – To Excel and help others along the way.

Knocking down walls is about eliminating Fear – working on controlling risk in your mind.

It is about teamwork and sacrifice. Being around those that believe in what your doing.

How often do we find ourselves in a situation that others put us down or mock us?

Or they talk behind your back – or just say negative things. Thinking negative thoughts.

How often do we find ourselves in a place of Fear?

Today is the first day of your life. Time to take control of fear and turn around the negative.

Knock down those walls of Fear. Decide how YOUR going to live your life.

Find out what Michael Jordan + Herschel Walker practice daily to make them Champions

Build YOUR gym (your mind and body). Build it with all the passion and soul and guts that you can muster.

question: What is one thing you will do today to build your ultimate gym (your mind and body)?

Email me here (I answer all emails unless I am on a flight to SoCal) – and tell me what is 1 thing you will do.

There is really nothing in this world more important than what YOU will do today to build YOUR gym.

Your family depends on your choices. Your friends depend on this… it is Important.

Expect the Unexpected

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