The SECRET UnderGround Bunker – Mental 80% Audio Tape Series


56 Minute MP3 Audio download
Mental Preparedness and Conditioning for Tough Workouts



Mental Preparedness and Conditioning for Tough Workouts

56 minute audio download $9.99 now on SALE $3.99

Recorded live in the infamous SEALgrinderPT underground bunker. Learn the inner mind info that the enemy does not want you to know. Everyone talks about physical training and how to do pushups and pull ups. Thats great – But…did you know that numerous experts agree (myself included) that getting through SEAL training is 80% mental and 20% physical. Thats right.

It’s time to flex your mental muscle and workout the grey matter between your ears. 80 minutes of mind blowing audio with killer tips and advice on how to step your game up to the next level and achieve your goals. Perfect to listen to while traveling to work, running on the beach or during your next workout. Feed your brain and work on the most vital part of your mental game.

Perfect for athletes of all levels, competitive golfers and up and coming Special Forces Candidates.