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FreakFrog Warrior Motivation
Welcome to my FreakFrog Warrior Motivation Audio Podcast Bundle. I’m Coach Brad McLeod founder of SEAL Grinder PT, one of the most elite training programs available for those wanting to achieve the mental and physical abilities of a Navy SEAL.
I’ve taken everything that I learned from my time as a Navy SEAL and created 6 Audio Downloads. I guarantee that each of these downloads will drastically change how you: tackle problems that life throws your way, set a goal, handle stress, and most importantly how you react in any situation!
FreakFrog Warrior Motivation will give you the mental edge you seek and desire and help you become a stronger more effective leader!
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Over 4 Hours of Content
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What’s Included in my 6 Audio Podcast Bundle? 
  1. Mental Preparedness: Learn how to overcome any obstacle and succeed under pressure. From a challenging workout like Murph, to a major life changing setback… Navy SEALs have to be mentally prepared for the known, the unknown and most of all the unknowable. This audio podcast gives you insider tips that are used in the SEAL Teams to achieve this.
  2. The Gambler:  This first hand account from a SGPT Member goes into detail on how they took the BIG RISK! How they lost it all, but thanks to what they learned from my teachings, they came back and WON!
  3. No Excuses: If you find yourself always making excuses this is for you… Why you didn’t get that promotion, why you lost that job to someone else, why you CAN’T do something… No Excuses will show you how a Navy SEAL has the confidence to CONQUER ANYTHING with CONFIDENCE!
  4. Still Standing: Knocked down 9 times. Get up 10! Never Ever QUIT! I’ve been through Hell… 2 Times. Let my experiences guide you in your life. Never QUIT!
  5. Staying Motivated! We’ve all been there… Down on our luck, in our dark place…. Your mind fighting you… Telling you your body is weak. Staying Motivated will show you the secrets to squashing those negative thoughts with positive ones. 
  6. BONUS! See your Future! Are you the Master of your Fate? Captain of your Soul? Learn how successful people view the world. Why worrying about things you can’t control will not help you achieve greatness but will hurt you… See your FUTURE before it happens… Successful People don’t get lucky, they create luck. 
I’ve coached thousands of athletes and business professionals over the past 8 years. Helped hundreds achieve their goals by applying methods that I learned why training to become a Navy SEAL and in the SEAL Teams. SEAL Grinder PT has utilized very simple methods that WORK. The results are proven. So don’t delay. Download my FreakFrog Warrior Motivation Today!
Take the first step in creating a Warrior Mindset Today!
I knew after leaving the Navy that I wasn’t cut out to be a business person. My personality and mindset had 1 goal. To create independence that allowed me to be: an amazing husband, a very involved father and successful at the same time. I used the skills that helped me survive Hell Week 2 times and achieve status as one of the most elite Warriors on the planet. A US Navy SEAL. Now i’m sharing these steps with you. 
Quitting is not an option… If you are not satisfied with your current mindset. Download this Audio Podcast Bundle today and take the first step in becoming the person you always knew you could be. 
My FreakFrog Warrior Motivation Package will get you the results you want: 

Audio #1: Mental Preparedness Overcome the pain of ANY workout and how to succeed under pressure. You will also learn the #1 secret I used to survive BUD/S and how you can use it today to crush any obstacle in front of you. Being an athlete isn’t easy, but with the right guidance and tools, you WILL succeed.Duration: 57 Minutes, 58 Seconds


Audio #2: Gambler

Looking to make a big change? Not sure if your decision is right? How do you know if your doing the best thing?
Scared to risk it all? Check out this unique audio from an athlete who had all his poker chips on the table – lost it all – then came back to win it all.

Duration: 38 Minutes, 37 Seconds


Audio #3: No Excuses Album

Like you, a Navy SEAL has an internal fire meant to burn down every obstacle that comes his way. Every minute we spend without the knowledge it takes to conquer life is another minute wasted! Learn from my mistakes and don’t wait until its too late to become the warrior who conquered their life.

Duration: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes, 8 Seconds


Audio #4: Still Standing 

Knocked down but not Defeated. Do you have what it takes to Stand the test of time and remain Still Standing? 25 minutes of Live audio standing next to the Millmount in Drogheda Ireland.

Duration: 25 Minutes, 36 Seconds


Audio #5: Stay Motivated

Do you want to discover:

  • The #1 ritual to permanently eliminate negative thoughts from every one of your mornings (HINT: every warrior culture does this to separate themselves from the non-warriors)
  • How to become part of the top 1% of athletes who succeed at the biggest goals they set for themselves. With this one aspect of tenacity, you will conquer 90% of your goals effortlessly!
  • How thinking more positively in your life will absolutely change the course of you accomplishing every single goal you set out for yourself. Thinking more positively will actually force everything in your life to help you achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Duration: 36 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Special Bonus Audio: See Your Future

YOU are the Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your Soul. Become aware of the conditioning the media wants you to believe. As part of the small percentage who take action (you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your tenacity) learn from this former Navy SEAL what it takes to succeed as a leader in your own team.

Duration: 10 Minutes, 45 Seconds



P.S. Don’t forget about our 100%, full fledged, Navy SEAL honored money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth, email me and I will personally refund you every singlepenny AND you can keep all 6 audios for FREE just because you took the time to invest in yourself and grow.