Audio Bundle 3

fearisyourfriendAudio #1: Fear is Your Friend 

“Fear is a good thing” – but if you’re not careful it will hold you back from seeing the world. Once you understand how to look past the “monkey mind chatter”, you can finally face down your fears and embrace the experience. In this audio, you’ll discover how a country bumpkin like me was able to overcome an intense fear of heights and learn how to climb mountains.

Duration: 13 Minutes, 35 Seconds


mindgamesAudio #2: Mind Games

When you’re faced with a challenge, do you see it as a threat or an opportunity? Embracing the struggle and playing positive mind games, you’ll have laser-beam focus that destroys every obstacle in your way and gives you a clear path to the finish line. I’ll teach you to spot the situations when you’re playing someone else’s mind games and to turn it into your own game.

Duration: 9 Minutes, 51 Seconds


NukethenegativeAudio #3: Nuke The Negative

Negative people are everywhere – and warriors like you are incredibly threatening to them. Since you can’t control the people around you, you MUST learn to control yourself and win the battle in your mind. In this audio I’ll show you how to identify toxic people, how to understand their effect on you, and how to carefully move away from them.

Duration: 15 Minutes, 27 Seconds


SELFRELIANCEAudio #4: Self Reliance 

With danger and disaster always around the corner, you are needed to be a leader for your family and your community. Are you prepared? I’ll explain the best gear to carry at all times to make sure you’re ready to help those around you, no matter the situation.

Duration: 11 Minutes, 8 Seconds


sharpentheswordAudio #5: Sharpen The Sword

With daily use, even the sharpest sword will dull and collect nicks & burrs over time. Just like a blade, responsibilities and burdens will wear you down. To stay at your peak, you’ll need to find time and space to sharpen your sword. In this audio I reveal the best ways to hit the reset button so you can come back stronger and better than ever.

Duration: 16 Minutes, 43 Seconds





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