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They all laughed when I said I was GOING to be a Navy SEAL… I was 160 pounds, had asthma, did not have a background in sports like the majority of candidates at BUD/S…

What they didn’t know was that I have one unique ability that many do not posses. I do not know the word QUIT. This skillset helped me not only to complete Hell Week  2 Times proving my naysayers wrong and achieving my GOAL become a Navy SEAL…. But it has also helped me be a better husband, father, businessperson, accomplished author and coach.

I’ve taken this knowledge and packed it into a 6 segment Audio Podcast Bundle.

What’s Included: 

6 Audio Podcast Bundle:

  • 1: Fight to WIN! 
  • 2: The Mountain and the Rear View Mirror 
  • 3: Believe In Yourself!
  • 4: Rise UP!
  • 5: Goals For Workout and Life
  • 6: Fall Forward

This is over 4 Hours of inspirational and motivational teachings that will help you: Reach your goals, Get Over Your Fear of Failure, Push you to the Next Level and Conquer whatever challenge is in front of you!

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The Secret: 

I’m going to share with you the secrets I learned that helped me survive not one, but TWO Navy SEAL Hell Weeks. I’ll tell you why I had to go through it twice in a minute…its an insane story, but I’m also going to tell you how you’ll take these same secrets with you into the battlefield of life.

Buckle up now, we’re gonna go on a pretty intense ride here…

The secrets I’m giving you are what helped me survive 2 separate Hell Weeks, 10 total months of BUD/S training, 6 years in the Navy, and now living the life of an urban warrior…a successful and happy husband, father, and business owner.

These well kept secrets are used to create the worlds deadliest warriors and they’re exactly what you need to BE successful, FEEL successful, accomplish all of your goals, and propel all aspects of your life.

And I’m going to hand them to you on a silver platter…

But, first let me clear up a few myths about Navy SEALs.
      – Some people think we’re tougher than regular folks. Nope.
      – Some people think we’re stronger. Nope
      – Some people think we’re smarter. Nope
      – Some people think we’re bigger. Nope (Actually the average SEAL is 5’10 175lbs)
      – Some people think we make more money. Nope
      – Some people think we were all born destined to be Navy SEALs. Nope

I was not born to be a NAVY SEAL. In fact, by the time I graduated High School…

“I Had Accomplished Nothing”

I was cut from every single sports team I tried out for because of my asthma, my lack of skill, or because I quit half way through. The only significant title I ever received was that of a ‘college dropout’…

All I did was hang out with my buddies and ride on my skateboard all day until one scorching Florida summer afternoon a friend of mine loaned me a book on the Vietnam War that would change the direction of my life forever.

Before I even finished reading the book I was inspired to seek out the gnarliest dream I could ever accomplish…

Becoming A U.S. Navy SEAL

Before you know it, I instantly became the laughing stock in town, the butt of all jokes after I told all of my family and friends of my newfound goal, and I don’t blame em’ one bit.

Picture this:

An non athletic, college dropout, who didn’t goofed around, didn’t do anything significant with his life, and couldn’t run well because of his asthma declaring:

“I’m going to become one of the world’s Elite warriors”…

Even I would doubt him.

Deep down however I KNEW I could make it. Since finishing that book I pictured myself standing up on that stage, having my eagle, anchor, pistol, and anchor pinned to my chest, my dad giving me a sly smirk while my mother cried in joy as I graduated and became a frogman…but I needed to do this most of all because…

I Needed My Family To Finally Be Proud Of Me

If I continued on the path of quitting and settling for anything that came my way, I would have ended up drinking a case of beer by 10am everyday working at the local factory until I died from the alcohol, died from a factory ‘accident’, or died from suicide…so I put all of my chips on the table on the million to one shot of becoming part of an Elite group of warriors.

To me it was the last chance I would get to turn my life around and become man that I always pictured myself being…

I soon learned that BUD/S is an 80% mental and 20% physical challenge and this is where my mental toughness training got even HARDER.

I vividly remember getting my butt kicked every time we entered the cold as ice Pacific ocean in the middle of January…

I’ve NEVER Trembled So Uncontrollably In My LIFE!

Growing up in sunny Florida made me HATE the cold and going into that sheer cold water every day was the most painful part of BUD/S (my low body fat didn’t help me at all). Going into that bone chilling, freezing, numbing water day in and day out yanked the strength right out of my body and made me feel extremely vulnerable every time but learning to love that pain, walking through that fire, and crossing the threshold is what helped me survive each day (either that or my stubbornness and stupidity :))

I remember one time during Hell Week we all had a chance to rest and lie down on a wet metal deck in the middle of the night after hours of training and being in the cold ocean for hours. Problem was…

We All Flopped Around Like Fish!

And that happened after 5 days of zero sleep and non-stop training!

I remember wanting to quit every single day but I survived Hell Week. A few weeks later I ended up failing an important math test and…

I Failed Out Of BUD/S…

I was now at a crossroads…

I had endured months of vicious, barbaric, vicious training, border line torture every day for 4 months along with 5 straight days of not sleeping at all, and after all of my diligence and hard work, I failed BUD/S because of a math test. I felt like…

I Let My Family Down…

I couldn’t even look at me father in the eyes when I first got back home. I was so disappointed in myself for failing yet another obstacle in my life.
To make matters worse…

I was going back to a town that laughed, teased, and badgered me every day for years because of my dream of becoming a Navy SEAL. I was proving them right and I wasn’t so surprised when an old familiar thought crept up into my mind. The thought of QUITTING.

I was soon stationed at the USS Cleveland and discovered that a team of SEALs were actually going to be using my ship as a base of operations for a couple of weeks. These were men who actually accomplished the challenge I failed at just a few short weeks ago!

For the first month and a half I would bow my head down in shame like a sad old dog, stare at the floor, never making eye contact as I scurried away from the very SEALs I wanted to be like.

Aside from BUD/S, that year was the hardest time in my life but I remembered my training and I realized something extremely important…

THIS Was My True Test

Failing BUD/S and deciding whether or not I was going to go for round 2 was the make or break factor for accomplishing my goal of becoming a U.S Navy SEAL.

I didn’t hesitate or think twice after telling myself what giving up meant.

Giving up meant my dad, mom, and brothers wouldn’t be proud of me. Giving up meant I would never be able to look at my family in the eyes again. Giving up meant I would be stuck in some low paying job, drowning in my sorrows with a bottle of scotch next to me every single day until the day I died.


So heres the secret I mentioned earlier about the Navy SEALs…

Did you know that not one single NAVY SEAL has ever been captured or or surrendered to the enemy?

It’s true.

Wanna know why?….


Lets go! Theres no time to waste.

Does it feel like I’m pushing you? You BET I’m pushing you.

Like my SEAL Instructors during BUD/S, I’m here to guide you through the trenches and prepare you to become the ULTIMATE warrior for life.

Don’t tell me you can’t afford this cause your probably spending more than 30 bucks a week on coffee alone. No more delays. No more excuses.

These secrets changed my life and they will change yours.

Theres a SEAL inside of you and its time to let em’ out of the cage.

Order Today Only $9.97

While even the Elite Warrior will get shut down by most people in their life, they didn’t do what the guru’s told em to do, which is to think happy thoughts, always stay positive, accept that you can’t do it and even neglect your drive to be angry or motivated because you were wrong to create goals for yourself.

SEALs simply don’t quit. People like you and me do everything we are advised to do to the best of our ability but even after you’ve consistently given yourself positive messages, watched motivational videos, jammed to your hardcore playlist, for some reason you continue to feel like your fire is burning out, your energy is being drained out of you, it feels like you’re not firing on all cylinders.

It’s important that you know this one thing…

It’s NOT Your Fault

You take all of the necessary action you’ve been instructed to take but you still don’t see the results you want. It’s not your fault dude, it’s the bad advice you’ve been given that is to blame.

While you can’t change the past and the bad advice you were given, it’s actually your due diligence, focus, and determination that separates you from all of the quitters who choose NOT to find out the secrets that will change their lives forever.

YOU Are The Warrior Who Doesn’t Quit

Everyone who’s ever doubted you, continues to hold you down, talks down to you, laughs at you…

They’re Probably Afraid Of YOU

You’ve heard it before…”HAHAHA! You want to do what?!” “That’s IMPOSSIBLE! You can never do that” “You’re not good enough. Just give up already” “Just QUIT! You’ll NEVER be good at anything because your stupid and you SUCK!!!”

Those people are TERRIFIED of you.

You contradict their ideas of what a “normal” person should be like. Your goals and your drive tell them that they’re not doing the best that they can in their lives. Your actions show them that they are actually not good and that they can do better for themselves.

What does that do to them?

They get extremely anxious, fearful, get a dose of Hatorade, and attack you with a ton of discouraging, depressing, demoralizing, disheartening, dispiriting stories and lies about you so when they end up pressuring and guilting you into quitting, they can finally feel better about who they are and the idea of bringing you down to their level is powerful for them. I know this because…

I’ve Done It Too…

But we’re human and people make mistakes.

So what do you do when the whole world doesn’t want you to succeed? When your backed up into a corner with nowhere to run? You RISE UP and train for the moment when they try to ambush and assault you!

You need to train your mental toughness the right way because if you don’t, you’ll get eaten ALIVE!!

I learned to be mentally tough the hard way, but I don’t regret it one bit. That part of my past is now part of my story, part of my legacy.

Giving up meant I would be a major letdown to my family and the few people who believed in me.

During my year on that ship I saddled up, trained twice as hard, faced my fears, worked on my weak points, like working around my asthma, and I took my second shot.

My LAST Shot At Becoming A SEAL.

This time I figured it would be easier since I had more motivation and drive to succeed than at any other point in my life but I forgot that BUD/S was still one of the hardest experiences I ever had.

Like before, I wanted to quit every single day but I did my second run of BUD/S, conquered my chilling fear of the ice cold, frosty water, the grueling and torturous 5 day , non stop Hell Week, passed that stinking math test, and went on to become a U.S. Navy SEAL in SEAL Team 4.

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”

That was the mantra painted on the roof of the Grinder behind me as I stood in line with my 15 other teammates awaiting to graduate.

My dad took this picture

I felt like a peasant awaiting to be knighted by the king.

I was speechless. I didn’t think it was real. I’d been through so much hell with 4 months of BUD/S, an entire year of battling with my inner demons and training myself, plus another 6 months of BUD/S…this ceremony was UNREAL.

I finally did something right! I wasn’t a failure anymore! My dad, mom, and brothers were FINALLY proud of me.

All of the struggles I went through taught me how to live a life of honor and strength. My kids don’t have a quitter for a father anymore!

The challenges didn’t stop there but this time I was certain I would never quit…Especially with the lives of my teammates and my own now on the line.

All Of My Success (And All Of Your Success) Comes Down To One Thing…
Being Mentally Tough

I’ve got something really awesome for you.

I recorded the secrets and shortcuts that helped me survive BUD/S and overcome any moment when I was constantly discouraged.

Instead of signing you up for BUD/S your going to get the secrets on:

  • What it takes to achieve your goals easily and efficiently with the cunningness of a silent and deadly assassin.
  • How to conquer and OWN any and all of the obstacles that come your way.
  • How to deal with the haters in your life: anyone from your parents to the local store clerk.
  • How to WIN at every single thing you do from the workplace, to the gym, to your relationships.
  • How to become the warrior whose name is always talked about for years to come and one that leaves a lasting legacy
  • How to dominate in the gym and become THE warrior everybody looks to beat and looks up to.
  • Find out what it takes to CRUSH it in your workplace and how to accomplish anything in your life starting TODAY.

The best part about these Underground Audios is that you can access them right now! You will literally be listening to them in the next 2 minutes!

Once you complete your order you’ll be taken to a page where you can download them immediately. The process is very simple. Its just like buying a song on iTunes.

Once you download them you can put them on your iPod, your iPad, your phone, or even burn it onto a cd if your feeling kind of old school.

Listen to them at home, while you eat breakfast, while shopping for groceries, in the car on your way to work, during one of your runs, on your lunch break, even right before you go to bed.

Its Like Having Me Right There By Your Side Coaching You
Every Step Of The Way

And giving you advice through the good times and the hard times.

To make this even easier for you I put all of the recordings into one bundle and I’m giving it to you at a MASSIVE discount.

Some people pay up to $1500 a year to come train with me and get coaching. The total value of these audios is just $235 but I’m a coach and I’m here to help you as much as I can so I knocked off 88% so anybody can afford to get these secrets.

Lets go! Theres no time to waste.

Does it feel like I’m pushing you? You BET I’m pushing you.

Like my SEAL Instructors during BUD/S, I’m here to guide you through the trenches and prepare you to become the ULTIMATE warrior for life.

Don’t tell me you can’t afford this cause your probably spending more than 30 bucks a week on coffee alone. No more delays. No more excuses.

These secrets changed my life and they will change yours.

Theres a SEAL inside of you and its time to let em’ out of the cage.

P.S. Check out what some of our SGPT members have said about Brad’s audios:

“You are doing great work Brad :)”

-Coach Mark Divine


“I won the seniors brown belt “worlds” championships this weekend. I’d like to thank you for your podcasts. A part of you was out there with me. Rise the F UP!!!!”

-Chuck Holland


Between your audio tracks and joining a Mastermind group, I have made a lot of progress in the last month including launching my own meal planning app into beta on Facebook.

Thanks for the role you played in that Brad, and keep producing the great content from the Underground Bunker.”

-Will Burton

Hi Brad,

Spent Dec. 26 driving to lax to pick up family. Listened to your audios the whole way down. It’s great to hear them and I just wanted to tell you that. They are so inspirational. 🙂

There is a saying: when the student is ready, the master will come.

-Brandon Jebens