How did a barely breathing, 160lb asthmatic with zero athletic ability, defy the odds, stuck it to his naysayers, and survived Navy SEAL Hell Week TWICE?! By shear determination, will, and experience. Straight from the Underground Bunker, this former Navy SEAL lays it all on the ground from tips and tricks on how to crush your competitive sport, Mud Run, firefighter or police exam, surviving BUD/S to ways to enjoy your life and give back to other. These audios will change your outlook on life.

Do YOU want to know how to:

  • The #1 secret Brad used to survive BUD/S and how you can use it today to crush any obstacle. (You will use this secret at work, with your personal relationships, during your self growth, and your new-found success will be due to this one secret)
  • Overcome change and ensure success at every venture you take on? Your outlook on all obstacles will completely change!
  • Learn how Brad quickly picked himself up after failing BUD/S and succeeded in becoming a United States Navy SEAL. Brad used this lesson to shape his entire future and continues to use it 30 years after becoming a SEAL.


Discover the secrets of the Self-Reliant Warrior:

  • Turn off the “Monkey Mind” chatter and finally embrace your fears
  • Develop laser-beam focus so you can break through every obstacle on the way to your dreams
  • Eliminate the negative people in your life and win the most important battle of all – the battle for your mind
  • Be prepared for any disaster or emergency and become the leader your family & community need
  • Hit the ‘reset’ button and take time to sharpen your sword (so you can come back stronger and better than ever)

Get To The Peak Of Your Mountain Top
Accomplish All Of Your Goals

Was 2013 not your must productive year? It wasn’t for mine. Not even close…but that isn’t going to stop us whatsoever. January is over. The New Years motivational peak is gone and NOW is the time for us to overcome our struggles and go full-throttle towards our goals for 2014.

Since Christmas I observed what I didn’t do to my full potential, wrote them into actionable steps and recorded them so you too can put 2014 into the history books as one of your greatest years.

Here’s what your getting:

  • The tool you need NOW to separate yourself from the rest of the people who doubt, criticize, and live the life of the walking dead.
  • Find out what this Navy SEAL did wrong and how YOU can avoid those mistakes. (This will save you hours of painful frustration and agony)
  • Learn why you need to move fast and at light-speed in every aspect of your life this year or suffer through fear of having other people beat you and cost you your goals
  • How to be aware of, prevent, and avoid stinking, rotten negative thinking that is holding you back (Even the most positive and strong people you know, including this former Navy SEAL, is susceptible to negative thinking)
  • The 2 questions you absolutely, without a doubt NEED to ask yourself to accomplish every single one of your goals for this year.
  • You’re also getting actionable steps to take today to secure and accomplish all of your goals for 2014
  • And Much Much More…


Duration: 36 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Normally $12 – Now Just $9.97 $7.97

Do you want to discover:

  • The #1 ritual to permanently eliminate negative thoughts from every one of your mornings (HINT: every warrior culture does this to separate themselves from the non-warriors)
  • How to become part of the top 1% of athletes who succeed at the biggest goals they set for themselves. With this one aspect of tenacity, you will conquer 90% of your goals effortlessly!
  • How thinking more positively in your life will absolutely change the course of you accomplishing every single goal you set out for yourself. Thinking more positively will actually force everything in your life to help you achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Duration: 36 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Normally $10 – Now Just $7.97


In order to become the ULTIMATE Warrior in life, this 60 min album will help you discover what it takes to CRUSH life. Like you, a Navy SEAL has an internal fire meant to burn down every obstacle that comes his way. Every minute we spend without the knowledge it takes to conquer life is another minute wasted! Learn from my mistakes and don’t wait until its too late to become the warrior who conquered their life.

Duration: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes, 8 Seconds

Normally $12 – Now Just $9.97 $7.97



Discover the key to success on AND off the field. This 57 minute recording will reveal to you how to overcome the pain of ANY workout and how to succeed under pressure. You will also learn the #1 secret I used to survive BUD/S and how you can use it today to crush any obstacle in front of you. Being an athlete isn’t easy, but with the right guidance and tools, you WILL succeed. Download this recording and listen to it on your computer, in the car, during your run, and with your teammates and coaches!

Duration: 57 Minutes, 58 Seconds

Normally $12 – Now Just $9.97 $7.97


How do you overcome obstacles and the struggles in life to achieve your goals and dreams? Have you been knocked down and want to get back up? No one is going to give you anything in life – but there is a way to gather your feet up under you and stand back up while falling forward. Check out 44 minutes of keys, tools and 2 tasks to get you on the path towards achieving and winning.This audio is an instant download.

Duration: 44 Minutes, 5 Seconds

Normally $12 – Now Just $9.97 $7.97

Drill down like a laser and extract one of the top issues holding you back — Your Past — You don’t drive your car looking in the rearview mirror — And you sure don’t attack the mountain of your goals looking back into the past. See your brilliant future — find the way to Advance forward and leaving behind the old.This audio is an instant download.

Duration: 18 Minutes, 22 Seconds

Normally $12 – Now Just $9.97 $7.97

We all want to dream and have goals – but how do we start?Here are the exact tools to put you on the path up the ladder. Straight from the heart – this audio was recorded on the beach of South Carolina and I hold no punches. If you want the one- two punch to annihilate your opponents and walk through the valley of doom – then listen to this and reinforce Your Belief in Yourself . This audio is double barrel loaded with the Killa sauce to take you to the Top! This audio is an instant download.

Duration: 20 Minutes, 10 Seconds

Normally $12– Now Just $9.97 $7.97


Rise Up To become the Best You Can Be. Rated M for Mature Audiences– strong content and not for the weak of mind. This audio will grab you by the scruff and drag you kicking and screaming into the New Year – shattering your goals and putting you on the right path to become your Best.This audio is an instant download.

Duration: 38 Minutes, 20 Seconds

Normally $12 – Now Just $9.97 $7.97
Do you want to become part of the top elite on this planet? You need to master goals. Write them down, work on details, set a date and be passionate. Do you spend more time planning your vacation than setting goals for your life?! You end up becoming a boat without a rudder or a motor. I’m going to give you the inside tips on how the top athletes on the planet thrive with goal setting. This audio download is packed with killer tips to help you set goals to lose weight, compete in competition, or even help you make it through BUD/S SEAL training or Special Forces Selection.This audio is an instant download.

Duration: 35 Minutes, 51 Seconds

Normally $12 – Now Just $9.97 $7.97
Fall Down 6 Times = Get Up 7Just got done with a workout session and the brain waves were hopping. Wanted to put this audio out last year but today was the day. This audio is Sizzling with Energy and Passion. A boat load of tips and homework to show you how to fight through the grind – and pick yourself up in the day to day battles. This may be one of the best UnderGround Bunker audios to date.This audio is an instant download.

Duration: 29 Minutes, 19 Seconds

Normally $12 – Now Just $9.97 $7.97

What will you do when you are knocked down? Will you stay on the ground and moan like a wounded animal or get up to finish the fight?

Find out what your are made of when you are Knocked down but not Defeated. Do you have what it takes to Stand the test of time and remain Still Standing?

*25 minutes of Live audio standing next to the Millmount in Drogheda Ireland.

Duration: 25 Minutes, 36 Seconds

Normally $11 Now Just $9.97 $7.97

Looking to make a big change? Not sure if your decision is right? How do you know if your doing the best thing?
Scared to risk it all? Check out this unique audio from an athlete who had all his poker chips on the table – lost it all – then came back to win the jackpot.

Duration: 38 Minutes, 37 Seconds

Normally $12.50 – Now Just $7.97