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  • Easily target, set, and accomplish and all goals you have in work, family, and for your personal growth?
  • Develop an undying fire and energy to never give up in anything ever again?
  • Get the respect and honor you deserve?
  • How to have your name remembered for years to come?
  • Train like the top Crossfit athletes across the world?

Have you been struggling, pushing yourself, and still falling short of your first pull-up? Tired of doing the same old, boring, tiring, dull workouts every time you walk into the gym? Training for BUD/S and struggling to pass the test? Do you want to become a BEAST who eats pull-ups for breakfast? This quick, simple ebook has helped more than hundreds people not only get stronger, but has helped make pullups their dominant strengths in training.


Are You:

  • Worried about signing up for your first GORUCK?
  • Ready to advance to the more challenging GORUCK Tough/Heavy events?
  • Looking to physically and mentally prepare for the wear and tear of longer events?

The the SEALGrinderPT 60-Day Training Program is your shortcut to success.

This guide was written using the exact same training program I used to finish GORUCK at age 51.

Attention Hardcore Athletes!

Do You Want To Increase Your Power, Speed, Core Stability And Athleticism With The
#1 Tool Imported To The U.S.A. From A
Former Soviet Special Forces Physical
Training Instructor?

Do you want to become a United States Navy SEAL? Do You want to join the military and serve your country? Do you feel misguided and overwhelmed by all of information out there on how to train?

If you want a simple, direct, and easy to use training program to learn how to become a United States Navy SEAL, this is the program for you.

The road to becoming a SEAL is long and challenging. In some cases, it may actually be harder to enter SEAL training than to graduate from SEAL training. It regularly takes an individual nearly two years of rigorous training, as in this program before you are physically ready for BUD/S. Most of the ones who fail BUD/S are those who “thought” they were in shape but really were not. If you can score the following on the BUD/S Physical Screening Test (PST) you will have an 85% chance to graduate:

  • 500 yd Swim – under 9:00
  • 100+ Pushups in 2:00
  • 100+ Situps in 2:00
  • 20+ Pull-ups
  • 1.5 mile run – under 9:00

These are not minimum standards to get into BUD/S. These are proven standards of a majority of the graduates when they arrive at BUD/S. If you do NOT meet these standards, click the “Learn More” button right now.

Do You Want To Learn How To Become
Mentally Indestructible From A Former
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