GORUCK 60-Day Training Program

Your Chance To Discover the
Insider Training Tips that
HUNDREDS of athletes have used
To Finish GORUCK, Kokoro, and more!



Are You:

  • Worried about signing up for your first GORUCK?
  • Ready to advance to the more challenging GORUCK Tough/Heavy events?
  • Looking to physically and mentally prepare for the wear and tear of longer events?

The the SEALGrinderPT 60-Day Training Program is your shortcut to success.

This guide was written using the exact same training program I used to finish GORUCK at age 51.

You will get:

  • 24/7 email questions access to Navy SEAL coach
  • 60 days of progressively more challenging workouts, including
    • Ruck marches
    • Bodyweight workouts
    • Daily warmups
  • Weekly recovery mobility & yoga workouts so your body never gets beat up or worn down
  • Maintenance secrets to prevent blisters, injuries, and foot problems from boots
  • Gear reviews and advice so you have the right gear to finish your event
  • Interviews with top GORUCK finishers so you have an inside edge on the best strategies
  • Mindset tips to keep you focused and dedicated through the hardest training days

PS: This a downloadable eBook only. Unless we get enough interest in a physical copy we’ll have to keep it digital.