Grinder Strength Pullups


Welcome to the most

comprehensive Pull Up program

on the planet!


For a limited time only: $9.97 

As a former Navy SEAL I’ve done my share of pull ups. I’ve watched thousands of athletes progress over the years and taken what I have learned and put it into this 88 page eBook. This is a no bullshit program that if followed it will get you results.


This program can help you get from 0 – 5 reps, 10 – 20, and for the experts can get you cracking 30 reps. No matter your level of strength.  This program is also great for coaches looking to expand their knowledge on pull ups, coaching plans and different methods of teaching. 


Who Will Benefit from This Program?

Anyone looking to improve their pull-ups, grip strength, learn muscle ups, improve core strength, or pass a standards test.

Spartan Athletes, Tough Mudder Competitor’s, Training for a SEALFIT event such as an Academy, 20X or Kokoro. SOF Candidate training for a PST.

Are You:

  • Struggling, pushing yourself, and still falling short of your first pull-up?
  • Tired of doing the same old, boring, tiring, dull workouts every time you walk into the gym?
  • Training for BUD/S and struggling to pass the test?
  • Training to become a BEAST who eats pull-ups for breakfast?

What’s included in the $9.97 Ebook?

  • Links to 12 new pull-up improvement videos and written text taking you through each pull-up progression – from no pullups to cranking a dozen for speed.
  • Stretching workouts to prepare you for pull-ups and help you cool down
  • Grip strength video and workouts to help you improve your holding power.  What good is a pull-up if you cant hang on the bar?
  • 30 day workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes
  • Pull-up progressions from starting with band pull-ups working your way up the ladder to Chest to bar pull-ups.
  • 3 Interviews from top Pull-up coaches Stew Smith, Zach Even-Esh, and Al Kavadio.  All top Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the field of pull-up training.
  • 60 pages packed with workouts, videos, interviews and NO BS, realworld, in the trenches tactics to getting your chin over the bar.

This is a $50.00 total value in this $9.97 Ebook!


What else is included?

For a limited time SEAL Grinder PT is also giving you 1 month of full access to our SGPT Navy SEAL Mind + Body Workout Online Training program for only $1.00. This is only available to those who commit to our SEAL Grinder PT Pull Up Strength Challenge Ebook. Save 30.00 buy accepting our Pull Up Challenge today!

What’s included in the Navy SEAL Mind + Body Workout program?

#1. Email sent to you daily

#2. Evaluation/ photo and weigh in

#3. Navy SEAL daily workout, nutrition tips, motivational / mental edge info.

#4. Train for GORUCK, Spartan Race, BUDS, Special Forces – we are here to win!

#5. Facebook group (private) for accountability and daily tips

I went through Navy SEAL BUDS training twice and know exactly how to train to get you through BUD/S, GORUCK, Spartan Race and SEALFIT Kokoro.

This is a limited offer from SEAL Grinder PT. You will get in shape and feel great! Once you purchase the SEAL Grinder PT Pull Up Ebook you will unlock the $1.00 30 day trial for the Navy SEAL Mind + Body Workout Program by Coach and Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod, founder of SEAL Grinder PT.


PS: This a downloadable eBook only. Unless we get enough interest in a physical copy we’ll have to keep it digital.

PPS: Check out what some of our athletes have said about the program below.

“I want to let you know that the book has helped me a lot the last year. 
Earlier I couldn’t do a single pull up, but now I manage 5-6 on a good day. 
Going to focus on  getting stronger now. 
Thanks!” -Espen

“I like it! Thank you for checking in sir, I bought this because I’m leaving for boot camp for the Marine Corps in April and I need to improve my pull ups. And on the first day I already saw improvement because I could never do a single pull up with my hands facing out.” -Sirrell Young

“It’s awesome.  Thank you so much. Hit up multiple sets of weighted and unweighted strict pull ups tonight during my workout.” -Chris