Kettlbell Power and Speed

You Are About To Discover And Learn
The Power Of This Russian Relic
Brought To The USA That Will
Increase Your Power, Core Stability And
Shove Your Mental Toughness Training
To The Next Level!

If you love high intensity, low rest, sweat-in-your-eyes training then pay very close attention because you are gong to learn about the incredible power of Kettlebells.

In case you don’t know Kettlebells are weights similar to Dumbbells that are designed differently. With the weight focused towards the bottom, like a bell, instead of to the sides of the handle like a dumbbell, Kettlebells have become an exciting new asset to gyms around the world.

With a much heavier bottom, Kettlebells force your body to work on more muscles, especially in regards to moving that sucker fast (you do not a Kettlebell to slowly drag you and tip you towards the floor)

Combine speed, explosiveness to move the Kettlebell up and around your hand, and strength to even hold a heavier weight and maintain great form and you have a recipe for incredible training.

I am no expert at Kettlebell training.

No, I am laser focused man into making you into an indestructible and unbending mentally tough warrior. When it comes to the science and history of Kettlebell training, I called on an expert to teach me. His name is Brandon Richey.

Heres what Kettlebells are going to do for you:

  • Your core, the power generator of your body is going to grow stronger and much more stable in an insane amount of time. 30 days. (A stronger core allows you to plug in power leaks that prevent you from transferring all of power and energy from your lower to your upper body and vice-versa, which in turn forces you to look and perform weaker than you actually are)
  • Kettlebells force you to move with speed an efficiency because if you don’t, that heavy Kettlebell will either knock you out or tip you over! (Moving a heavy weight fast and controlled allows you to develop more explosiveness and generate more energy while in a fixed, stable position)
  • Your athleticism will achieve a new level due to the steady control, hand-eyed coordination, flexibility, endurance and ability to simply turning your Kettlebell around your hand and securely pocket it into your elbow and shoulder.
  • Working more muscles = more results. Kettlebells impact the entire body, from your planted feet, stable ankles and quads, tight core, back and arm muscles when your in a low position like the bent-over-row to forcing your body to get even tighter to maintain stability as you implement movement and speed (You’ll know how important these factors are as soon as you start Workout #3!)
  • And much much more!

Brandon is my go-to guy on this Russian art and soon as he filled me in on all of the benefits of Kettlebell training, I actually flew him over to my gym back in June to put on the first ever Kettlebell Power And Speed Clinic.

Brandon astonished me again with his knowledge (as if that could happen to me after my work as a SEAL) and I asked him if we could make a series of workouts for a select few of my athletes based around bodyweight training and… of course, Kettlebells.

They loved it.

I couldn’t believe the results they were getting with this type of training and what surprised me the most is… I was getting stronger too!

I put myself through the workouts for 30 days and couldn’t believe the results.

My lifts increased which in turn made my times increase allowing me to be able to move my body faster and much more controlled, helping me increase my power output, maintain a steady weight (I actually gained 5 lbs of lean muscle from this type of training) while maintaing injury free and becoming more mobile and flexible.

I emailed Brandon again in mid-July telling him we needed to make this type of training specifically for the mentally hardened warriors I help online and he happily created 20 more workouts in addition to the 10 he first emailed to me and my athletes.

I wanted to make it easy for you to use so I’m going to send you the workouts in intervals.

You’re going to get the first 10 workouts and the additional 20 workouts Brandon created. I want you to tell me what you like and how you feel after your first week of training.

Here’s what your getting:

  • 30 Kettlebell inspired workouts combined with bodyweight training to push you to become much more stronger, powerful, and agile. (Your going through the first 10 workouts a handful of my athletes and I personally used that increased our time’s, made us stronger, and allowed us to use more of the energy we were losing through our power leaks)
  • Video tutorials on how to perform the speed and agility drills Brandon uses and combines with Kettlebell training. (These videos are golden because you won’t ever have to worry about how to perform or implement these exercises)
  • Email support from me and Brandon about all of your Kettlebell questions and concerns (Brandon and I are committed to your success no matter what because we take care of those who take care of themselves)
  • I created an audio that I’m including with your ebook, Stay Motivated Part I & II for FREE (This never-before-released audio teaches you valuable lesson I’ve used with several of my athletes and myself over the last 30 years to continue trekking towards my goals, and overcoming several obstacles I am still shocked I conquered)

Your Supported By Our Lifetime No-Holds-Barred, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I have complete trust in this program and your results, but sometimes life happens.

If you don’t like the program for whatever reason, email me ASAP and I will submit your refund as soon as I see your email in my inbox.
I am sworn to protect you and you trust me to help build you up. That is my mission to you, myself and my family. You are refund is guaranteed for LIFE. That is my promise to you.


[ ] YES! I want to order the Kettlebell Speed And Power Ebook that contains 30 Kettlebell and Bodyweight inspired workouts and a FREE never-released-before audio so I can become physically and mentally sharper than my competitors in training, at work and anyone else who thinks they can take me on!

“Thanks for all you do Brad, but I am loving the Kettlebell wods, I am using them as needed when I am not at the box… I like it, kettlebells are so portable so it is great!”
-Kelly Maddox