Navy Seal Phase 2 3

Navy SEAL Phase 2&3:  PST Test Preparation

The Phase 2 and 3 is a 12 week program complete with newly developed workouts designed by former Navy SEAL Stew Smith.  This downloadable Navy SEAL Workout series has been developed as a book end program to the published book The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness. These are all separate ebooks and workout programs.

Phase 2/3 has been combined to create a challenging twelve week plan that is a great before or after workout for the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness book. The Phase 2/3 ebook is updated with the latest / greatest workouts used by SEAL candidates today.

Stew Smith’s proven programs work for people who do the workouts. Just email Stew at [email protected] for answers to your questions about fitness and military training. This is customer service you cannot put a price on!

THIS IS AN EBOOK- Navy SEAL Phases 2 and 3: Download this eBook and get tips direct from Stew Smith – former Navy SEAL to ace the BUDS PST.

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