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Strength and Conditioning

90 Day On Ramp

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Are you an asset to your team or a liability? 

SEAL Grinder PT has created a great starting point for anyone looking to get in excellent physical shape in 90 days with this 90 Day Pre Programmed Download. Yes it takes time… This course begins by targeting your core and puts your body through a 6 week strength cycle. We focus on 4 basic movements: Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Strict Press. These 4 foundational movements build strength at your core and out to your extremities. You will get the results you want! Guaranteed!*



Next we jump into a 7 week High Intensity Interval Style Program. This will work on Cardio, Fast Twitch Muscles, Stamina and Endurance.



Who is this program for?

Anyone looking to improve their overall strength and conditioning. Yes it is designed for SOF Candidates but it is also great for any sport. Football, Wrestling, Ju Jistu, MMA, Boxing, CrossFit, Motocross, and more. Training for a endurance event such as Kokoro or 20X Challenge from SEALFIT? Or Spartan Agoge? How about a GORUCK Event? Lite to Heavy or even Selection? This is your starting point. 

What Gear Do You Need:

We go over a complete list of gear but this workout can be done in a home gym with minimal equipment.

Diet Plan:

We go over a general diet plan during each of the cycles. This is a very basic guide but you will understand how to eat during each of the segments


Each Segment has a testing phase that allows you to accurately measure your hard work.

Get to WORK!


Q: Do you have videos showing proper form for the 4 basic movements?

A: Yes, Click Here we have hosted them on our site. 

Q: Is this program scalable? 

A: Yes! 100% scalable. You can adjust any of the workouts to suite your needs or modify if you have an injury

Q: During the first 6 Weeks is there other workouts besides the Strength? 

A: Yes! We mix in HIIT style Grinder PT WODs, Rucking, Running and Sprinting. It’s a well balanced program. 

Q: Am I too old? 

A: No! While this was designed for Candidates it can be used by athletes of all sports and all ages.