Bates 922 vs Magnum Response boots review

Check out these reviews, comparisons and videos for the Bates 922 vs Magnum Response boots and you be the judge of which one is best for your feet.

The Bates 922 boot gets a lot of publicity as it was the go to boot for Navy SEAL training candidates at BUD/S.  These boots are relatively inexpensive and break in easy Рand they drain well.  What is not to like about them. Check out the reviews below and you decide.

Bates 922 boot review by Billy Marine veteran
If you’re looking for a durable, comfortable, boot, look no further than the Bates Tropical Seals.

I have owned these for 5 years and worn them for work as a DOD contractor and LEO.

We have the same Bates 8 Inches Tropical Boot in the Corps, but in a desert suede which are equally incredible.

Video – Bates 922 Boot Review

Check out the Bates 922 8 inch Tropical SEAL Boot @

Magnum Response II Boot review by Rusty
As a job I travel about filming abandoned locations (seriously).

This line of work can be quite dangerous, especially if you are wearing improper footwear.
I purchased these boots because I had read in several places that they are quite comfortable and rugged.

What I had read was correct, and I am more than pleased with the Magnum Men’s Response II 8 inch Side-Zip boots.

Like all boots, expect to have to break these guys in before you’re totally pleased with how they feel.

Video – Magnum Response II boot review

The zipper side is actually a key point to me, I hate having to lace and unlace boots every time I use them.
That zipper saves me time, but mostly it just keeps the annoyance factor down.
The tread provides excellent traction, I have climbed many a tree, fence, and wall in these things.
Airflow is nice as well, I filmed an asylum this summer with an internal temp of almost 115 degrees, and my feet did not once cross my mind.
Granted, not much crosses your mind in 115 degree heat, but over-heated feet sure would have made thing worse for me…
Also, for being a zipper-sided boot, these have pretty good ankle support.

Question: What do you think of the Bates vs Magnum boots for hiking? Both are great boots. I would try on both as every athletes feet are different.

Question: Is it true that Bates boots are issued in Navy SEAL training? Yes.

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