CFF Econ GHD Review

CFF Econ GHD Review

Check out the reviews and videos for the CFF Econ GHD and you make the best decision for your workouts in your home garage gym.

CFF Econ GHD Review by Vivek

This is a great machine. I have the version made prior to this one so it doesnt have the pipes at the base to weigh the bench down with plates. I found the steel quality could have been thicker. 11 gauge steel is usually thicker and ehavier than the steel used on this machine. I wish the foot plate holder was adjustable to tighten and/or loosen around the ankles and that the flat plate could have had an adjustable angle.
these are small points though.

Video – CFF Econ GHD Review

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otherwise this is a quality practical bench that will take care of any need for low back, glute ham and gastroc development. it is without bells and whistles but will take care of all your glute ham needs. definitely built for commercial use and definitely capable of accomodating all sizes from slightly built women to heavy 300 pound football players and wrestlers. I also have a bias for heavier steel since I weld in my spare time

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CFF Econ GHD Review