Gear Review: Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

You wouldn’t put regular gasoline from some fly-by-night gas station in your Ferrari would you? So why would you put your carry weapon, essentially your life, which you paid hundreds if not close to $1000 for – into a $20 holster? The holster you wear is almost as important as the pistol you’re carrying. It allows you to carry it concealed, without printing, and comfortably while still being able to present the firearm should you need to defend yourself or others. Crossbreed is known for making quality handmade holsters, and their flagship – the Supertuck Deluxe is one of their best products.

In the hotter months or when I need something a little more low profile, I usually carry a Glock 26. When it gets cooler out, and easier for me to conceal, I opt for a Glock 19 – the weapon I am by far the most comfortable with, and a “compact” that is accurate, with great capacity. When I’m carrying that, it’s most likely in a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe. 

This holster is great for a myriad of reasons. Not only does the top-of-the-line cowhide feel good agaist the skin, the kydex inserts hold the weapon secure with a positive click. (Crossbreed also makes these custom molded, with the ability to get one for your specific weapon light – like a TLR-1 or something). In addition, the leather is thick and robust but not too thick. It is a tad hot in the summer, but not unbearable, which is why I opt to wear this in the cooler months or when my garment can cover it.

In addition, the holster can be modified to your carry style by way of the movable belt clips to several mounting options with just a screwdriver. You can have it ride mid-height like I do, or very low, or very high, depending on how you prefer to carry. All of these products are hand crafted, and it shows. The rivets are nicely finished and well secured, and the grommets stay locked in place. 

The clips which hold the holster in place are stiff and solid, with a nice underhook to keep it snug on your carry belt. In addition, you can adjust the cant of the clips in conjunction with picking the correct holes for your carry style to functionally make this holster disappear. The also don Crossbreeds logo for an added touch of style.

Overall the holster is crafted very well, with good weapon retention and solid craftsmanship.

Pros, what we like: Handmade with great leather, adjustable cant and carry level, as well as great weapon retention via the Kydex insert. Also, you can get this product made to your loadout, whether you carry just a pistol, a light, or a crimson trace on it. 

Cons, what we don’t like: Takes a minute to break in and adjust to your body style – but that goes with the territory. We recommend. 

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