Gear Review: K9 Collar and Lead by Wilcox Tactical

Collars and dog leads are just that right – just collars and dog leads? Wrong, they’re gear. Just like your carrier or holster, or EDC belt, they’re pieces of kit.

Now I do a lot of hiking and running with my dogs. At least once a week we’re in the mountains, whether it’s the whole pack, or just one of them, and necessarily, I am particular about my kit. I’ve had them in some pretty hefty collars with metal buckles and harnesses making them look like they’re going to jump school.

Then enter Wilcox Tactical, run by Kyle Wilcox, who makes some solid gear – like the K9 Collar and leash. These pieces of gear are top notch. Solidly made, elegantly simple, and rugged. These are the things I like in gear, and what I like about this piece.

I know, I’m harping about a leash and collar, but when you have stacks of tactical gear for you, and nothing rugged and high speed for your pup who comes on long hikes in the mountains with you – you get excited about these things.

Now onto the details from the loop on down. The loop is sewn in the Milspec 1 inch webbing with solid stitching – a box stitch with an X for added security, and Wilcox’s logo. The 6 ft lead gives way to the eyelet and clip at the end for securing the lead to a collar and this is stitched very sturdily, with heavy duty metal hardware. OD color, solid webbing, very simple and elegant. It holds up and the loops stays fast, I have no problem clipping one of my dogs to my pack straps with a biner and this lead.

Now to the collar: these made to order bad boys are constructed of stout 1.5 inch webbing with two points of security: velcro webbing and a high-density buckle. The buckle position can be adjusted slightly, but these collars are not one size fits all. In fact – they’re made for you, so expect a slight lead time, but that lends itself to quality. The owner uses them on his own pups, and this writer can attest that with my dogs ranging from 65-75lbs of solid muscle that have some pull in them, this collar holds up. Again, great stitching and stout construction, that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to functional sensibilities. The buckles are plastic, but robust and trustworthy, as are the plastic buckle slides. The D ring is fastened in place with more quality stitching, and once the velcro is secured and buckle adjusted, your canine companion is secured.

Overall the leash/collar combo is solid, well made, robust, and capable of being trusted. I’m sure this particular piece of gear will see years of use, and alot of miles, wags, and bars along the way. It’s elegant, simple, and has our support.

Pros, What We Like: KISS. Keep it simple stupid. No frills lead, custom made collar that is secure and stylish. Good to go for outdoor adventures with your four legged pals. 

Cons, What We Don’t Like: Not much. Only comes in 6 colors, but they’re all pretty tacti-cool. Solid all around. 


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