GHD Machine Reviews

legend ghd reviewsCheck out the following GHD machine reviews from Rogue Fitness GHD Abram, Legend, Sorinex, FringeSport, Pendlay and York GHD’s.

The question we get asked a lot is “What is the best ghd exercise machine?”.

Check out these reviews below and you make the decision.

Body Solid Pro Clubline Glute/Ham GHD review by Frank:

The Body Solid Glute ham developer is a really nice ham glute developer for the money. I have looked at many GHR machines and narrowed it down to this one. There isn’t anything out there close to the Body Solid Pro Clubline Glute/Ham GHD price and this quality. This will last for many many years with a lot of use.

Check out the Body Solid Pro Clubline Glute/Ham GHD

We have a Rogue GHD in our gym but you can probably use a less beefy basic ghd in your home gym or garage.

Rogue Fitness
The Rogue Abram GHD is built like a tank. Every feature that an athlete looks for in the Rogue Fitness Glute Ham Raise Developer has been built into the new Rogue Fitness Abram GHD.

Check out the CFF Glute Ham Developer @

I really like the CFF GHD as it doesn’t cost ($424) as much as many of the others but you still get great value.

Yes; it doesn’t feel like a $1200 GHD but it is not far off. The CFF Glute Ham Developer is relatively stable and gets the job done for sit-ups and reverses.

Overall a great value and recommend the new Glute Ham from CFF.

York GHD Machine Review
york ghdThe York GHD (Glute Hamstring Developer) is a signature piece of equipment.

The Glute-Ham Bench offers multi-functional capability enabling the user to perform both hamstring and lower back strengthening exercises.

Video – York GHD Review

Check out the Body Solid Pro Clubline Glute/Ham GHD @

The twin pad design maximizes user comfort and adjusts to 29 horizontal positions accommodating for any size user. Both the knee pads and the ankle stabilizer pads are adjustable vertically.
Thigh roller pads are designed to maximize user comfort.

York GHD Review by John S.
The York GHD is nice and will be the one that I choose to go with. The split pad is male friendly and the whole thing is pretty much bomb proof. The York Barbell Glute Ham Developer is a well made piece of equipment for sure. Love mine… It squeaks a little. But built like a tank. Have it. Love it. Good price. Not much else to say! $844 retail

Pendlay Elite GHD Review by Jim
We just ordered the Pendlay Elite GHD at and love it in our gym – T.K.

Legend Fitness Glute/Hamstring Station Reviews
The glutes and the hamstrings are where the athlete generates his speed, power and explosiveness. Unfortunately, for most athletes, the quadriceps are far better developed than the hamstrings, resulting in a lot of pulled hammies on the playing field. Develop strength where it really matters with one of the industry’s leading glute/ham developers: the Legend Fitness 3130. A perennial best seller, the 3130 makes lots of friends as a result of its robust construction and incredible value.

Video – Legend Fitness Glute/Hamstring Station Reviews

Check out the York Barbell Glute Ham Developer @

Legend Fitness GHD features include: a diamondplate footplate that is quick to adjust for height and length thanks to quality pop pins and chrome plated adjustment surfaces, a chrome plated guide rod to keep things from binding when adjusting for length and also to lend stability during exercises, a welded frame featuring resistance band pegs and heavy duty wear guards on the upper surfaces, mount/dismount handles with foam rubber grips and a thigh pad constructed of quality 32 oz. upholstery over dense foam padding that won’t break down even after heavy usage.

Video – Legend Fitness Glute/Hamstring Station Reviews

Check out the FringeSport OFW Glute Ham Developer HERE

Body Solid GHD Machine – “Pros”
Solidly built
Easily adjustable
Pegs to help you get up on the unit
Good pads
Front band attachments
Unit is comfortable

Body Solid GHD Machine Cons
Fairly large for what it is
Be nice if there was a slight edge on the back side of the pads not an issue though once broken in.
Be nice if the front of the unit was adjustable to convert into dip station.

I would recommend the Body Solid Pro Clubline Glute/Ham GHD SGH500 Developer to someone looking to buy one for home use. I don’t think the extra money is needed for one with the roller pads if you are using it for home use.

Legend Varsity GHD video review

Question: Where can I find a good GHD machine for sale? I would check out the vendors listed above as many of them have great deals. After that you may want to try Craigslist.

Question: Does Rogue Fitness have the best GHD machine on the market? It is definitely one of the top 3 GHD machines on the market.

Question: What is the best glute ham developer for the money? Rogue is overpriced as you pay more for the name compared to Fringesport and CFFIT ghd is best value ghd for money.

Question: What is the deal with ghd band pegs? Rogue GHD’s have pegs to add resistance bands if you want to make workout harder.

Question: What is a good fully adjustable GHD? The Rogue Fitness Abram is adjustable at all settings.

Question: What about the rogue vs elite glute ham developer? Both are very high quality GHD’s. I would go to a local gym and try them out first and see.

Question: What is the best crossfit ghd machine? We have a Rogue GHD in our gym but it is overpriced and you are paying a lot for the name. There are several other brands out there like CFF GHD, FringeSport, Legend GHD, all are great and you will get more value for your dollar.

Question: Where can I find parts for a GHD machine glute pad. If the pad is worn out you can reupholster the pad. You can also try and find extra GHD parts here on

Question: What do you think of the One Fit Wonder GHD vs CFF GHD? Both are getting good reviews and are worth giving a try to see how stable it is and how well it fits your workouts.

Question: Have you ever tried the Body Solid GHD and how does it compare vs the Hammer Stength GHD? The Body Solid GHD is a good entry level GHD while the Hammer Strength is very high end.

Question: Can I get rogue fitness free shipping if I buy a GHD? There is not free shipping at Rogue for the Abram GHD but it does not cost that much to ship.

Question: What is a cheap and durable ghd machine? It is very hard to find a cheap ghd that is durable. When the cost lowers that means that the metal tubing is thinner and it will break with repeated use.

Question: What are the 5 best weight machines for a gym? A rower machine, GHD machine, CrossFit pull up rig, bent over row landmine and the refrigerator to hold our Kill Cliff and beer.

Question: Have you checked out the Body solid ghd vs rogue abrams 2.0? Yes; we were just checking out the new Rogue Fitness Abram GHD 2.0 and really liking the new features and dimensions. Check out these reviews for the Abram 2.0 GHD

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