New Balance OTB boot reviews

Check out the reviews, videos and comparisons for the New Balance Desertlite OTB boot and you be the judge what is best for your feet on your next hike.

New Balance OTB boot reviews By Mac
Best military boot you can buy. The OTB Desertlites were recommended to be by a Green Beret who has fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I now own two pairs of these boots, and they have taken me through four months of infantry school, Airborne School, and through the forests, mountains, and swamps of Ranger School. And I still wear the same ones whenever I hit the field. They are the best boots you can find.

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The New Balance OTB boots are extremely lightweight, on par with the lightest but cheaply made Nike boots. I have run on both trails and pavement for long distances without feeling the typical heaviness and awkwardness of combat boots. The sole is not a vibram sole, but it is more flexible and just as durable (my soles show minimal wear despite 8 months of hardcore use). The soles are sown on the heel and the toe, and glued on everywhere else. Some of my buddies have had problems after a few months with the soles starting to peel off from the sides, but mine have stayed on fine. The laces are strong and well suited to the boot. You don’t need to use 550 cord.

The OTB’s are an excellent boot for both moderate and hot climates. They’ve got three drain holes and the insole is breathable and quick-drying. These are the fastest drying boots you can find. They’ll dry within a few hours after complete submersion if you leave them out in the sun, and within 4-8 hours if you continue to wear them. Same with the insoles.

Despite the rather soft soles, these boots held up well rappelling, rock climbing, and mountain climbing. They gripped wet rock as well as vibram-soled boots, and they also held a solid lock when rope-climbing. They do not provide much for ankle support, so if you have chronic ankle sprains, either lace them up tight or use an ankle brace (it will fit inside the boot. I’ve done it).

I used them in the field for weeks when the temperature was below freezing, and, as you’d expect, my feet were numb if I was stationary. If you need an extreme cold weather (0 degrees Fahrenheit and below) boot, or you expect to endure cold AND wet weather, get an extra pair of boots for that purpose.

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Question: Where can I find a pair of new balance orb desert boots? Check out New Balance Tactical Desertlite Boot here.

Question: where can i buy new balance OTB desertlites? Right here at New Balance Tactical Desertlite 8-Inch.

Question: What about Altama OTB maritime boots?

Answer: Yes; check out the Altama line of maritime boots used here at

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