Petzl Pro Strix VL Headlamp Review

Check out the reviews for the Petzl STRIX VL tactical headlamp and you decide if this is good enough for your next mission.

First off this is a highly technical tactical headlamp.

This is not a $12 light from home depot for installing an attic fan or a $30 camping or climbing light that you just got from REI.

This is a full bore high speed tactical light. So expect a lot more out of this light.

First off you notice the simplicity of design. It is almost soldier proof.

Put the Petzl Strix headlamp on your head and turn the side knob forward and you get a small red light for reading maps.

Turn again and you get a small lumen glow.

Turn again and you can see about 40 lumens.

Power off by turning knob the opposite way. This is genius as it is easy for a light to get turned on in your pack with a simple press down button and thus draining the battery. By actually having to turn the knob you eliminate that situation.

The main lamp is adjustable so that you can point it down at the ground or a lower object without always having to turn your head. Same if you have someone approach you – turn the lamp to the side.

The specifications claim it has 180° horizontally and 120° vertical movement to adjust the light.

The light runs on one AA battery. I use the Petzl STRIX VL tactical headlamp in my truck and a back up when I mountain bike at night. Yes; I don’t do tactical work anymore – a buddy gave me this light as a gift.

What we like.
Adjustable. Simple. Hard to screw up.

What we don’t like.
Scared to take it out in the field because if I lose it will cost me $100 plus to replace.

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