Stud Bar Pull Up Bar Reviews

Stud Bar Pull Up Bar Reviews

stud bar pull up bar reviewsNo other piece of Garage Gym equipment carries the bang for the buck as a well-built ceiling or wall mounted pull up bar. Considering the versatility, affordability and lack of floor space needed to install a pull up bar there are many reasons why a pull up bar should be your first equipment purchase. There are a few varieties of popular Crossfit appropriate pull up bars, most are poor copies of one another.

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Stud Bar Pull Up Bar Reviews by C. Mitchell
I’ve made many different pull up bars, trying to save money. Yet this product is worth every penny. It is easy to install and bomber solid. I’m an avid “CrossFitter” – the bar doesn’t budge, even with my most violent kipping pull ups.

I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a rock solid pull up bar.

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About Stud Bar Pull Up Bars:
Consider the pull up bar that was designed around being bomb proof rather than shipping costs and having to be assembled so it ships in a smaller lighter box. Look closely at the bar mounting bolts.

It is just a simple pinch bolt that dents the bar into place or is it a patented design that when tightened onto the brackets creates a unity with the studs its mounted to effectively making a “square” that will not wobble or move once installed. Consider the diameter of the bar and the finish of the bar that will naturally fit the curvature of your palm and not be too slippery or grippy to avoid blisters. Look to the bar that started it all and is good enough to be used and praised by Coach Glassman himself.

Stud Bar is built using 14 gauge welded steel with the perfect powder coat finish that provides a comfortable grip. Kipping pull ups are not a problem, Stud Bar easily supports 600 pounds. High grade wood mounting hardware is included with an easy to follow installation video make for a quick install. Exceptional customer service and product are found here.

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Stud Bar Pull Up Bar Reviews