York GHD vs Hammer Strength GHD

york ghd

Check out the reviews and videos for the York GHD vs Hammer Strength GHD and you make the best decision for your home gym.

The York GHD (Glute Hamstring Developer) is a signature piece of equipment.

The Glute-Ham Bench offers multi-functional capability enabling the user to perform both hamstring and lower back strengthening exercises.

Video – York GHD Review

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York GHD Review by John S.
The York GHD is nice and will be the one that I choose to go with. The York Glute Ham Developer split pad is male friendly and the whole thing is pretty much bomb proof. Well made peice of equipment for sure.

York GHD Review by Chris D.
Love mine… It squeaks a little. But built like a tank.

York GHD Review by Lisbeth D.
Have it. Love it. Good price. Not much else to say!

York GHD Specifications
The twin pad design maximizes user comfort and adjusts to 29 horizontal positions accommodating for any size user. Both the knee pads and the ankle stabilizer pads are adjustable vertically.
Thigh roller pads are designed to maximize user comfort.
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

Video – Hammer Strength GHD workout

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Hammer Strength was the creations of Gary Jones, son of the legendary fitness equipment manufacturer, Arthur Jones who began a little know company called Nautilus who also set many standards in the fitness equipment industry. In the 1990’s Life Fitness, seeing the popularity and quality of the brand acquired Hammer Strength and added it to their long list of over 400 quality Life Fitness equipment products sold worldwide.

Questions from athletes in our gym and readers online.

Question: “Coach, do you know how much I can buy a used Hammer Stength GHD? If you can find one I would think a few hundred bucks. Check out the CFF Glute Ham Developer GHD-GHR for under $400.

Questions from our readers online.

Question: Do you have a price for a life fitness glute ham developer? Hammer Strength is made by LifeFitness and you can check out prices here:

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