Bonk Breaker Energy Chews Review

bonk breaker energy chews reviewJust received a care package in the mail from with samples of Bonk Breaker energy chews.

Going out on a long mountain bike ride in north Florida right now to test the taste and how well these chews digest and give me energy during the ride.

Out of the wrapper these taste great with a strawberry flavor. I like that they are non GMO certified and it has 50 mg of caffeine.

The Bonk Breaker energy chews have 15 grams were 2 – so that works out to about 7 grams per single if you are watching your sugar intake – take note.

I like that they have 35 mg sodium per serving and 60 mg electrolyte per each.

When out on a long endurance ride or activity these are good supplements to have as these will be leaving your body in sweat.

Check out Bonk Breakers energy chews at

While riding for 2 hours plus I ate several of the fruit chews and had no problems with digesting them and felt great throughout the ride despite the 90 degree heat (with very high humidity). I also drank 2 liters of water to go along with them.

bonk breaker product reviewReading more info online it says that each sample has 15g of organic sugar.

I will be testing the rest of the package as I left it in my feedbag on my bike – so look for more feedback and info in the next week.

These have 80 calories per two or 40 calories per bite – so not a big deal on a long bike ride.

I took a few of the peanut butter and banana bars with me on this summers TNGA mountain bike ride across north Georgia and they did fine with my stomach and giving me extra energy when I needed it.

Question: What about Bonk breaker vs Skratch labs?

Answer: We will be doing a review of these along with Osmo vs Camelbak electrolytes also. We are also working on a review of Bonk breaker vs Honey Stinger waffles.

Question: What about bonk breaker vs cliff bar? We like the Cliff bars and they digest well.

You can check out more info at which is a sponsor of the Ironman triathlon.

Skratch labs vs Osmo

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