Progenex Promo Code

Progenex Promo Code

PROGENEX is Built for Professional Level Athletes and their products are specifically formulated for the highest level of athletes—both professional and recreational. Today, NFL, NBA, NHL and NBL players alike have felt the PROGENEX difference. Add to that Olympic skiiers, North Pole expeditioners, CrossFit Games champions and a host of other athletes who all say the same thing: PROGENEX is legit.

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What does PROGENEX do? PROGENEX Recovery does one thing: enables you to get back to your training feeling and performing stronger after each session. PROGENEX More Muscle is a muscle builder. Together PROGENEX Recovery and PROGENEX More Muscle:

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• GAIN STRENGTH. PROGENEX More Muscle wakes up the satellite muscle cells that lie outside your mature muscle fibers. These cells are the ones that have the greatest ability to increase in size and contract with more force. What this means is that you’ll be able to lift more. A lot more.

• PERFORM BETTER, LONGER. Enlarging these muscle fibers enables you to increase your performance in events that include sprinting, jumping, kicking or lifting.

• OPTIMIZE BODY COMPOSITION. If your goal is less body fat and more muscle, More Muscle, combined with strength training, builds muscle and burns more fat—up to 48 hours after a training session.

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• BUILD LEAN MUSCLE. Maximizing muscle size not only has a direct effect on your muscle-to-fat ratio (body composition), but also causes significant changes in your metabolism, which is measured by your resting metabolic rate (RMR). The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn—up to 48 hours after a training session. Muscle requires more calories than fat—even at rest.

• MAXIMIZE MUSCLE SIZE AND STRENGTH. By promoting your satellite cells to become active muscle fibers, you are essentially attaching new muscle fibers to existing mature fibers, making them bigger and stronger. While not all “stimulated” satellite cells become mature muscle fibers, PROGENEX More Muscle demonstrably increases the number of muscle cells that are stimulated, upping your odds for strength gains.

Optimize Your Training with PROGENEX Recovery and PROGENEX More Muscle.

To optimize your training goals:

1. Train Regularly. Pushing your muscles to the limit on a regular basis sets in motion a chain of activity that encourages muscle growth.

2. Recover Quickly. The first step is to take PROGENEX Recovery. Designed to reset the process that causes muscle fatigue, regular use of PROGENEX Recovery gets you back into training mode fast—usually within 24 hours.

3. Stimulate New and Existing Muscle Fibers. Taking PROGENEX More Muscle immediately after training sends a powerful signal to your satellite muscle cells, which have already been “awakened” by your training session. The active ingredient in More Muscle, Promyosin™ HD, stimulates satellite muscle cells, while our unique formulation of bioactive proteins and amino acid concentrations feed them. The result? PROGENEX More Muscle drives significant levels of growth, a claim that many other supplements make, but cannot deliver. 

Properly recovered and fed, your muscle fibers will become stronger, denser and more powerful than ever before. Which, in turn, creates optimal performance, no matter your sport of choice.
Achieve Your Best Body Ever
The PROGENEX ProPack, made up of PROGENEX Recovery and PROGENEX More Muscle, delivers the recovery and the muscle building attributes that both professional and amateur athletes seek. 

Everyone promises performance. PROGENEX delivers. Get yours today.

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Progenex Promo Code

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