Progenex vs Syntha 6 – Review

progenex vs isagenix reviewCheck out the info and videos on Progenex vs BSN Syntha 6 protein supplements.


Progenex Review by Alex Nettey

After Regionals this year I decided to give Progenex nutritional supplement a try to see what all the fuss was about as it was the main sponsor of the Crossfit Games in 2010.

I know many of Crossfit’s elite had given it their stamp of approval yet I was hesitant to give it a try for a few reasons, mainly because I felt that the tools I was using pre-post wod were effective enough for me.

Progenex protein review

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More Progenex Review by Alex

I got the Pro-Pack as a gift and it contains 2 powders – the More Muscle & Recovery formulas so I had a month of servings to test them out and see what my experience would be like. I’ll spare you the science behind these 2 formulas for the sake of brevity but if you want more info to refer to the website –

Syntha 6 Protein Review

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Progenex vs Syntha 6 review by GetPumped:

I love syntha-6! It was a great tasting, effective, post workout protein shake. I definitely recommend this product to anyone! It was also very good for meal replacement on those once in a blue moon days that I couldn’t get a proper breakfast or lunch due to classes.


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