PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews

PurePharma Omega-3 fish oil is now known as Puori.  This product is made from small fish and is molecularly distilled twice to reduce mercury, PCB and dioxin levels.
PurePharma Omega-3 is certified and tested for purity and freshness by the independent laboratory IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) and is awarded 5 out of 5 stars.

PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews from top CrossFit elite athletes.

Samantha Briggs – PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews
Due to the nature of CrossFit you constantly train at very high intensity, putting your body through hell on a daily basis. PurePharma Fish Oil has helped to improve my recovery enabling me to keep training hard and pushing my body further.
-Samantha Briggs. CrossFit European Champion

Annie Thorisdottir – PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews
I have been taking fish oil since early age, always in the liquid form and it was the part of the morning I hated the most… What I like about PurePharma is that those are tablets that you take and don’t feel for the rest of the day anything coming up + they actually have some kind of good taste on the outside hahah… =) I take PurePharma fish oil because I recover faster, feel better and it helps me perform at my very best! -Annie Thorisdottir. CrossFit World Champion

Mikko Salo – PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews
After the CrossFit Games 2009, I had to stop for a second and think what elements could make me even fitter. Nutrition was big area that was quite poorly managed. I learned that Omega 3 fatty acids could reduce the amount of inflammation, and help my body to deal with added physical stress. I am happy that Pure Pharma brought their Ultra Pure Fish Oil to the market, as I have been looking for a product that is both strong and pure.
-Mikko Salo. CrossFit World Champion

Daniel Tyminski – PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews
PurePharma is the best fish oil Ive ever used. With minor aches and injuries, PurePharma is the oil fish oil that helps me recover!!! Other brands felt no difference. Not only does PurePharma help me recover, but it does it quickly! Since taking PurePharma fish oil, the better Ive gotten. The proof is in the sauce ;-)…BOOMSAUCE!!!” -Daniel Tyminski, CrossFit Games Contender

Nikki Aronpaa – PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews
CrossFit training requires a lot from the body and recovery from workouts is highly important.

Pure Pharma Fish Oil has reduced joint inflammation and improved my recovery and therefore enabled me to train harder.” -Mikko Aronpää. CrossFit European 2nd place.

Frederick Aegidus – PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews
Constantly pushing your boundaries. Forcing your body to perform better than it did yesterday, not knowing what to prepare for, is everyday business for a crossfitter.

Purepharma fish oil gives me an edge and lets me return to my element faster.” Frederik Aegidius – Danish National Football Team

PurePharma Athletes
from PurePharma website
Mikko Salo -CrossFit World Champion
Annie Thorisdottir – CrossFit World Champion
Josh Bridges – CrossFit Games 2nd Place
Aja Barto – CrossFit Games Contender
Carey Kepler – CrossFit Games 3rd Place
Ben Smith – CrossFit Games 3rd Place
Nick Urankar – CrossFit Games Contender
Lindsey Valenzuela – CrossFit Games Contender
Michelle Kinney – CrossFit Games Contender
Jason Khalipa – CrossFit Games Champion
Jenny Jacobsen -CrossFit EU 3rd place
Mikko Aronpää -CrossFit FitAsFuk Champion
Anthony Pompino -United States Olympic Weightlifting
Eskild Ebbesen -Rower with 3 olympic gold medals & 6 world championships
Evans Ashira Oure -Former IBA World & WBA Int. Champion
Daniel Tyminski – CrossFit Games Contender
Blair Morrison -Crossfit European Champion
Tuomas Vainio -CrossFit European Champion
Samantha Briggs -Crossfit EU 2nd place, FitAsFu
k Champion
Frederik Aegidius -Danish National Football Team

The PurePharma fish oil company is now known as Puori.  You can check out more info here:

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Purepharma Fish Oil Reviews

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