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CFF clearance deals

60% Clearance Sale

Check out the CFF Clearance area with 60% off on sandbags, slam balls, steel plyo jump boxes and more.

This is the go-to-spot for big discounts on gear that you need for your garage gym.

Click Here for 60% Discount at CFF

CFF jump ropes discount coupon thumbnailJump Ropes 25% off and free shipping coupon

Whether you are trying to perfect the elusive double under, or training for an upcoming MMA or boxing match – this is a great speed rope for you.

Check this coupon out – all CFF Jump ropes are 25% OFF!

All speed ropes are in the deal and they have free shipping!

Christians Fitness Factory USA made WOD Bar
cff usa wod bar discount

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your gym is your Barbell. CFF knows that and has built a killer bar at a great price! The CFF USA WOD bar is your all around gym bar that has been tested at hundreds of gyms. Priced at just $209 for the men’s and $199 for the women’s. Some of the features of this bar include: Oil impregnated brass bushings. The bar has a smooth spin for Olympic Lifting. It also has a   Black Zinc Shaft which makes it much harder to get rust. The sleeves are chrome and it has a pin collar – not a bolt collar. The bar has markings for both power lifting and Oly lifts.  You can’t beat this bar for the price.

The CFF USA WOD bar comes in the 20kg men’s variety with 28.5mm grip, and also in a 15kg 25mm grip for the ladies

cff sandbag discount coupon thumbnailCFF Sandbags 25% off!

Sand bags are unstable and that makes you work harder. As the sandbag’s center of gravity moves, you are forced to use all of your stabilization muscles. This means you are working and strengthening your core without even thinking about it, as well as improving your balance and coordination. The Christians Fitness Factory Sandbags are built to take abuse and keep going. A great workout is to do overhead presses with the bag and then carry it (for grip strength) around the gym.

cff fat bar sale discount

The price has been lowered to $93.71 (25% off coupon) so this is a steal for your garage gym. Check it out HERE

We love the Fat Bar in our gym as it helps a ton to work on grip strength. It also frees up another barbell to do extra work like squats and dead lifts. The extra diameter (1.92 inch) on this bar feels much better on your back when doing squats. I personally like to use the fat bar for that reason as it gives me more support on my back during back squats.  You can load up to 600 pounds on the bar which is more than most people are going to squat.

It is also much harder to do dead lifts with the fat bar as it makes you work much harder on your grip strength. Since we added this bar to our list it has made our gym much more functional. The bar is seven feet long and is 45 pounds with the collars (included).

Christians Fitness Factory Hammer: Free Shipping Coupon
cff hammer free shipping

The guys in our gym (and ladies too) love the hammer as it really opens up the play book on what we can use for workouts. Hammer strikes work the full body and especially the core and shoulders.

Is is super cold out and snow on the ground? Grab a hammer and go to work on a tire and you will feel the burn in a minute. A great workout is 2 minutes for max hammer swings.

christians fitness factory 40 off pull up rigs

Pull-Up Rigs 40% off

One of our latest deals is to get 40% off on pull up rigs.

At our local garage gym – we added a a small rig and it is getting use constantly.

You can get ridiculous savings but you have to hurry as there are limited quantities – so jump on this deal now.

Military Discount

CFF-Fit also has a discount program of 10% off coupon for LEO and Military.
christians fitness factory military discount

  • Armed Forces Military (Active and Retired).
  • Army Navy Air Force Marines and Coast Guard.
  • Law Enforcement from police officers to local Sheriff and

Check out the terms and conditions below for all of the details to make sure you qualify.

You must have a CFF FIT web account before applying for the discount program. If you do not have an account, you can sign up here.

If you would like to get a discount application the approval process usually happens in about one business day of CFF FIT getting your info and processing it. At our Fitness Factory we want you to get the best deal and take advantage of any promo codes we have.

Question: Where can I find out more information about CrossFit? Check out the CF main website here

Question: How do you rate the gear at CFF vs FringeSport compared to Dicks sporting good? We have been going with Christians equipment lately as you can get gear for a lower price and CFF offers discounts.