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FringeSport Discount Code

Check out more deals and FringeSport discounts on a wide range of workout gear for your CrossFit box or garage gym.

FringeSport has all of the gear that you will need to help you finish out your list of gear that you want.

FringeSport Coupon Codes – Current “Live” List

Black Friday
Black Friday 2017 from FringleSport

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Shop + Save 10% OFF KettleBells

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This is an easy way to save money for your gym and pick up great gear at the same time.

OFW Bumper Plates Up To 20% Off (Great promo)

FringeSport Bumper PlateI personally own a set of the Fringesport bumper plates and they have worked out great in my home garage gym. I especially like that the 10 lbs are not flimsy and don’t get that “taco” bend when dropped.

The inserts are great and slide on the barbell easy. We are ordering more of these bumper plates.

(See more in my review below).

Vaughn Bumpers 10% Off

Bomba Barbells $20 Off

Fringesport Bomba BarWe also have a Bomba barbell and it has turned out to be our go to bar in the home gym.

The knurling is not too aggressive and it takes a beating.

The bar has a good spin and found it to be great for all around powerlifting with deadlifts and squats.

Dollar for dollar the Bomba is a great bar that will be hard to beat. roThis is the best FringeSport coupon that I’ve seen too.

(See more in my review below).

Vaughn Bars $50 Off
Vaughn Bars

This barbell is designed by Olympic weightlifter Chad Vaughn.

He is a perennial United States champion and this bar is made to his specifications: 28mm shaft diameter and rated to 1500 lbs(more than most athletes lift!).


Kettle BellsKettlebells 20 to 40% Off

This is my go to kettle bell that i take on the road traveling and there are a ton of workouts that I can do with this.

It is built solid and can stand being dropped from head high on to the mats.

I used this kettlebell in yesterdays workout.

(See more in my review below).



Fringesport Discount 10 Percent

No garage gym is complete without a plyo box to build your jump ability.  Great discount on these Pylo boxes.  These aren’t cheap to make at all.

Bomba Wood Gymnastics Rings $65 + FREE Shipping

Fringesport Bomba Wood GYM Rings Review

These are one of the best sets of wood gym rings that I have found on the market.

You cannot go wrong with these. Once you go to the wood rings you will never go back to plastic.

They feel just right in your hands, and you can get the right torque you need when doing advanced ring work.


Jump Ropes From $5
Fringesport Momentum Elite Speed Rope

Fringesport has a great selection of speed ropes to get you going on your goal towards getting double unders and improving them.

They have cable speed ropes at a low price of $10 and they more technical Momentum rope at $39. Both ropes get a ton of great reviews.

Battle & Climbing Ropes 20% Off

Weight Vests 20% Off

If you want to amp up your workouts then throw in a weight vest. This will improve your overall conditioning and is great for doing Hero wods like Murph.

Sleds 20% Off

Nothing beats a sled for recovery workouts to help repair your body. Louie Simmons of Westside barbell swears by the sled drags and still does weekly workouts and he is over 65 years old and one of the strongest men in the world.

Vaughn Bar 20kg Olympic Barbell

Powerlifting Flat Bench by Ader

This bench is on my “hit list” of things to add to my home gym.

Kip Cage Power Cage

Kip Cage Power Cage


Schwinn Airdyne AD6

If you want to build up cardio endurance then you have to get an Airdyne. These bikes will last forever and take a full scale beating. Highly recommended.

OneFitWonder Commercial GHD

OFW Squat + Pull-Up Rack

The Fringesport squat rack is on my hit list of items for the gym. It gets really good reviews and is a good value at the price. You can basically do it all with this squat rack. You can bench, do pull-ups or hang a set of rings from this rig.

Bomba 20kg Bar

Bomba 20kg Bar

OFW Bumper Plate Sets

OFW Bumper Plate Sets

My Personal Review of Fringesport Products

If you have been wondering what weight-lifting gear to buy, my Fringesport review will help you see why you should choose this company. Their high-quality products and great customer service make the decision easy.

They also have everything you need to get in shape at home, and even offer some great packages so you can get started at a decent price. The company also offers great, no-questions-asked warranties.

That’s not even where the awesome stuff ends, because Fringesport offers very fast and free shipping, including free shipping for returns – that’s pretty hard to beat.

They also have everything you could possibly need for weight conditioning. While there is, of course, their excellent line of traditional weightlifting equipment, they also have a line of bodyweight conditioning products including strength bands, pull-up bars, core trainers, weight vests and climbing ropes.

When setting up a home gym, don’t forget the dumbbells, jump ropes, kettlebells, plyo boxes and medicine balls because Fringesport offers all of these and more.

Here are some of the products I have used and thoroughly enjoyed:

Bomba Barbell

Bomba Barbell

Finding the right barbell can be a daunting process, although from the outside it doesn’t seem like it should be so hard. However, with so many offerings on the market and no good resources for how to pick the best one, it’s great to have a team of customer service agents to help you choose.

I wanted a bar that I could use for CrossFit movements, ands since it was for my home gym I didn’t want to pay a very high price. The Bomba bar was a perfect fit for my criteria. I also looked at the Ohio bar, but the Bomba gets 90% of the Ohio’s performance for $100 less.

It’s also durable, so unless you drop it on an edge with weight on it, it won’t bend.

After using so many different barbells throughout my CrossFit experience, the Bomba bar ranks very close to the top of the list.

OneFit Wonder Bumper Plates

OneFit Wonder Bumper Plates

While Fringesport’s bumper plates are more expensive than generic ones, they are well worth the price. They are so durable that you won’t need to buy another set for years. For people who do Olympic weight lifting and drop their lifts during workouts but can’t catch due to an injury, it’s crucial to have strong bumper plates.

After seeing the generic ones break so many times, I decided to switch. Many companies advertise that their bumper plates can withstand being dropped when attached to a 45-lb. bar, but Fringesport actually lives up to this claim. I was surprised at how well they stood up to heavy use, and with very little bounce.

OneFit Wonder Kettlebells

OneFit Wonder Kettlebells

Finding the right kettlebell, like finding the right barbell, can be a surprisingly overwhelming process. High-quality kettlebells can be pricey, and shopping around online is difficult since the weight drives up shipping costs.

Fringesport’s kettlebells are the perfect mix of quality and a good price. Their handles are smooth and won’t hurt your hands; they are also cast as one piece, so the handles will never break off.



FitFour Gloves

FitFour Gloves

Fringesport also has a line of apparel to make your workouts as easy as possible and without any unnecessary discomfort. The only pain you should be feeling is in your muscles.

The FitFour gloves are very minimalistic, and only cover the top half of the palm and slightly overlap the fingers. That makes them ideal for preventing calluses from tearing when doing deadlifts or pullups.

Most people who use them prefer the fit and style to other gymnastic grips.

The gloves are also very high quality and will last for a long time. However, they are also thin so they won’t interfere with how the bar feels in your hand or your grip. When I used these gloves, I did a several sets of pullups using them, and I was very happy with how they felt.

My hands were protected, I did not have to stop to make any readjustments, and the gloves themselves did not tear.

With great reviews for so many products, it is easy to see why Fringesport is becoming such a popular athletics gear company. Their reasonable prices, fast delivery and extremely high-quality make them one of the best companies around.

Their customer service is a huge aspect of what makes them such a great company. If you ever have any problems with their products, they go out of their way to make sure they satisfy you.

Their free shipping for returns is a life-saver when trying to find new gym equipment, and I honestly could not recommend them highly enough. Use this Fringesport review to find the next perfect addition to your home gym.

Check out their gear as they are an up and coming CrossFit equipment company that can give as much value as other companies. These guys are based out of Austin, Texas and can deliver your gear quickly to your gym.

Fringesport has great workout equipment for the sport of CrossFit.

Question: Where can I find the new Bomba bar? Check out the deals above.

Question: Do you have a rogue FringeSport discount code for schwinn ad6? Check out the deal for the Schwinn AD6 for $699 with free shipping. Click on the links above.

Question: What about deals on the Bomba garage rig? There are occasionally deals on the rig for 20% off and free shipping.

Question: When will we know the details on the Black Friday sale?  As soon as I know, I’ll post here.  Stay tuned.

Question: Do you wear gloves during workouts in your garage gym?

Answer: I personally dont but know guys that wear wodfit gloves

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