SEALFIT 5 Mountains Awareness Seminar




SEALFIT 5 Mountains Awareness Seminar

The 5 Mountains Training is SEALFIT’s philosophy of training and living. It is taught in detail during SEALFIT Academies and Kokoro Camp. The 5 Mountains Training is designed to train and test the following five human capacities recognized as crucial to overall development.

Physical Training
Mental Toughness
Emotional Control
Awareness and Intuition Development
Kokoro or “Unbeatable spirit”

Students in Kokoro Camp and SEALFIT Academies have repeatedly pointed to the 5 Mountains Training, and specifically the 4th Mountain of Awareness and Intuition development, as key to their success at Kokoro Camp and beyond. As a result, we created the 5 Mountains Awareness Seminars to focuses solely on the Awareness and Intuition training of SEALFIT.

Relying on his experiences as a Navy SEAL, martial artist and Yoga instructor, founder Mark Divine has come to understand that the toughest battles are often those waged within the heart and mind. The 5 Mountains Awareness Seminar focuses on developing the “Inner Warrior” that lies in varying states of dormancy in each of us.

The 5 Mountains Awareness Seminar covers:

5 Mountain Yoga
Body Awareness
Breath Awareness
Sensory Awareness
Concentration techniques
Standing and Seated Poses
Guided Visualization and Meditation practices
Offensive Mindset

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