Merrell Sawtooth Boot Review

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Merrell Sawtooth Hiking Boot
Purchased these boots for the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan. These boots are amazing for the price. Very comfortable. I did a 8 mile foot patrol the day after I received them and did not get a single blister.

I did however, replace the insoles that are sold with them. The insoles that come with them are good, but feel “gel-like” and I needed something a lot stiffer for the extremely rocky terrain here. I purchased them about a month ago, and have put over 100 miles on them so far. The Merrell Sawtooth Boot have held up very well with only one scratch (from constantine wire). Overall, wonderful boots, would definitely recommend to a friend, as well as, buy them again if I needed to.

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Merrell Sawtooth Hiking Boot review
I bought these boot on a recommendation from a coworker. We are both currently active component Army deployed to Afghanistan, and the treads on my last boots wore down rather quickly (6 months). I’ve had these for about a month now, and I believe they are the best pair of boots I’ve owned so far. I used to wear Asolos, and before that, Danners. The day I received thses in the mail, we were called out on a mission that took half the day and well into the night, I had already put these boots on to start breaking them in and had no time to change before the helicopter arrived at the HLZ.
The Merrell Sawtooth Boots¬†felt comfortable right off the bat. They did need some breaking in, but I hardly noticed at all, the boots were just a bit stiff. The soles by Vibram are definitely a step up from the Asolos I was wearing previously. They grip the rock surface better, and are a bit wider for more surface area. From what I’ve been told they also last longer. The boots also provide sufficient ankle support without being uncomfortable. I have had a chance to test these out on various different terrain, and the only negative I’ve found so far is that they take in water as soon as it reaches the laces. I suppose that’s my fault for not dousing them in waterproof spray as I have always done previously with my other boots. Also, one of the top hooks for the laces has separated from the shoe partially, but it is held on tight by a second rivet, which I suppose is why there are two rivets per lace hook.

Questions from our readers and athletes in our gym.

Question: Are these boots waterproof with GoreTex? No; this is not a GTX (GoreTex) boot.

Question: Which would you pick with the solomon vs merrell boots? Which one fits your feet better? All depends on the task at hand.

Question: Is the merrell sawtooth by special forces? Yes; it is used as many guys have personal preferences on boots.

Question: What about the merrell moab vs sawtooth? Check out reviews of the Merrell Moab Hiking Shoe.

Question: Do you know any guys in the military that use the Salomon boots or footwear? Yes; I wear them and know several other guys in the Army that do.

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