Top 10 Minimalist Boots

Check out the reviews and videos for the best minimalist military style boots for hiking, rucking and doing events like GORUCK and Spartan Race.

Under Armour Acquisition boot review: I’m on the SWAT team and these boots are freaking light! 2 problems though, with these being so light they get soaked the other problem is that when transitioning from wet grass to smooth surfaces they become slippery.

They are more like a tennis shoes. The Under Armour Acquisition shoes look great and are extemely quiet on hard surfaces. They are actually the most comfortable shoes ive ever worn.

Belleville Minimalist Boot Review Video

Check out the Tactical Research TR101 Mini-Mil boot @

Belleville Mini-mil boot review:
Got these to rotate with my S2Vs for a lighter change and I was happily surprised at how light and comfortable they really are, they’re actually lighter than my running shoes. I had some discomfort at the heels the first day but they’ve been a perfect fit since.

I’ve worn the Belleville 101 Tactical Research Mini-Mil Boot 115R every day for 2 months now, I’ve marched 100 miles at least and I can see them going another year easy. My only worry is that while it’s to be expected with a minimalist-size sole they are less substantial than I’m used to, so definitely not something for regular wear.

Vivobarefoot Tracker boot review:
Overview: A classic hiking boot design that’s stood the test of time. Fashionable to wear as retro homage. Functional design. Extreme comfort.
Out of Box: Nicely packaged. Boots were stuffed with paper to preserve their shape. Nice leather aroma. Cardboard protectors extended up the shaft of the boot. Well done.
Appearance: Character almost instantly before wear. There are creases in the leather right out of the box. It is pretty thin leather.
Break in: None required. Glove-like leather upper which immediately molds to your foot and feels like a well-worn slipper. The Vivobarefoot Tracker Hiking Boot look like the hiking boots I grew up with in the 60’s, but they don’t require anywhere near the break-in those needed!

Inov8 Roclite 286 boot review:
In fair weather, I use minimalist trail runners and got so hooked on them that I was determined to find something in the same vein for colder wetter weather. These boots are only 3 ozs heavier per boot than the Inov-8 trail runners I use.

The Inov-8 Roclite 286 GTX hiking boots are very light, fit perfectly, and I can stomp through puddles and streams or hike in the rain or during shoulder seasons when the snow is melting without fear. Without reservations, I can say these are the best addition I’ve made to my hiking setup in years. Why anyone would bother buying a two pound pair of leather boots when shoes like these are available is beyond me!

Palladium Pampas boot review:
I would like to start by first saying the only thing that makes these anything in common with Converse All Stars is they are Hitop and Canvas. I dont think the French would wear these in the desert for 70 yrs if they were Sneakers. This is my 5th pair of Palladium Pampa Hi Canvas boots, and I can say without a doubt these are my favorite Boots I own.

Tactical Research Flyweight boots review: These boots are as billed – super lightweight. You will give up the extra ounces (maybe pounds) going from a thicker beefier boot to this lighter one.

What this boot sacrifices in extra padding and cushion it gives up by losing weight. Yes; this boot will not last as long as a full leather boot but it is not meant to. I like the Tactical Research Flyweight boots and plan on buying another pair when I wear them out.

Vivobarefoot Synth hiker boot review: I own five different models of Merrel barefoot shoes which I love. Since Merrel doesn’t offer any waterproof and vegan friendly hiking barefoot shoes I bought the Vivobarefoot Synth hiker boot. These shoes are awesome.

I’m wearing them for one week now as casual shoes and no any problems so far. Just be aware that they have an European sizing and choose the right size 🙂

Merrell All Out Drift boot review :
Another great product by Merrell. These fit true to size, they are lightweight, and built to take on the elements. They do not require a break in period and have the feel of a custom fit boot the moment you place them on your feet. They give outstanding support, yet allow you to feel the terrain, whether urban or country environment. The Merrell All Out Drift Boot are built to last and made of the finest materials. These boots exceeded my expectations and are now my go to footwear. I highly recommend these boots!

Under Armour SpeedFit hiking boots review:
Good fitting and comfortable right out the box. The Under Armour SpeedFit Hike boots are great for day hikes but wouldn’t recommend for longer backpack excursions with a heavy load.

I like them so much I have ordered another pair.

Top 10 Special Forces Boot Review

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