Top 10 Special Forces Training Gear and Equipment

If your looking to beef up your training for Special Forces (Navy SEALs, Green Beret, Ranger, Air Force PJ, Marine Recon) then you will definitely need to have good gear to help you out. Here is a list of the Top 10 Equipment for Special Forces training.

One of the keys is that all training gear needs to be highly mobile and versatile. A barbell or bumper plates are very useful in a gym but many athletes don’t have access to them all the time and they are also hard to take on deployment overseas. Click here for more info on barbells and bumper plates

Top 10 Special Forces Training Gear and Equipment

1. Boots are number 1 for training. If you dont have a good pair of boots that fit your feet – your going nowhere. Bad boots will destroy your feet and shins and put you on on the “Injured” list. At the Navy SEALs training (BUD/S) in Coronado, California, the trainees wear the Bates Tropical Dura-Shock 922.

Check out the Bates Boots worn at Navy SEALs BUD/S

The Bates Boots are a great overall training boot as it protects the foot while draining easily when getting in and out of the water. The Dura-Shock sole also helps on long runs and continual pounding running to the chow hall and obstacle course.

Other boots that have received good reviews are the Lowa boots, the new Nike SFB desert boot and Bates desert boots.
Nike SFB BootLowa Desert Uplander boot

Men’s Bates 8″ Desert Tactical Sport Boot (worn at BUD/S)
Check out the selection of Spec Ops boots here

2. Ruck Sack. A great ruck sack (back pack) will last for many years despite severe abuse. It is great for the ruck march, weighted pull ups, dips and push ups or to load up your gear and take it on the road with you.

A great ruck sack is the Kelty 3500 as it is rugged and well designed. Check out the Kelty MAP 3500 Military Assault Pack. Yes, the Kelty 3500 is good for rucking. Another good back pack is the Falcon II which is a good value at a little over $100 (US).

Another option is to pick up an old Vietnam era “Alice” pack at the Army surplus store. The Alice pack is not the most comfortable – but cheap and will be a good trainer to ruck in.

3. Compression Shorts – This will save you a lot of grief if your training hard, sweating a lot, and in and out of the dirt, water and especially salt water and sand. A good pair of compression shorts will keep 95% of the sand out of your crotch and keep the inner lining of your pants from rubbing your legs into a bloody pulp. A good pair of compression shorts is the Under Armour or Reebok pair. Another great pair is the Check out the CW-X Compression Shorts

4. Running shoes – pick a bad pair of running shoes and you will pay the price with shin splints and foot problems. Pick a good pair that you break in well and your life and training will be a whole lot better.

A good pair of running shoes that will take a lot of abuse and still protect your feet is the La Sportiva Flameblade. This is a great shoe to wear on a rugged trail run or on the beach.

If your a CrossFit athlete – you will recognize this brand – the Inov8

A list of great women’s running shoes are:
Brooks ghost
Nike Zoom Vomero 6 Running Shoes

Nike Air Pegasus

Pearl Izumu Synchro Fuel Road


5. Weight vest – A good weight vest can really ramp up your training and help you to increase your numbers on the pull ups, push ups and sit-ups. Feeling froggy? Throw on a weight vest for an urban obstacle course or a workout like Murph. One of the top rated is the MIR weight vest distributed by Rogue Fitness.

Check out the 8 Weeks to SEALFIT E book

6. Jump rope – very few pieces of equipment are as light weight but can have a substantial effect on your cardio. Top boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiou still rely heavily on the jump rope to help build and increase their cardio for long endurance boxing matches. Stuck on a ship in the Indian Ocean? A jump rope can help you get the blood flowing and increase your cardio and burn serious calories.

A few favorites —
The Rogue Fitness RX jump rope is also sturdy and super fast.

7. Kettlebell – This is a killer piece of equipment as it is pretty much indestructible, compact and easy to sneak on a deployment overseas. I would definitely put a kettle bell on my list of equipment to make sure I have to do some hardcore training.

8. Suspension Trainer systems – This piece of gear is highly mobile and can do many things in training. Push ups, dips, ab crunches and pull ups are a few of the many exercises you can do.

Check out the TRX Suspension trainer

A set of gymnastic rings will also give you similar versatility.

9. Dumbells and Sandbags – These are great for farmers walks and general strength and conditioning.

Sand bags are a killer way to work out and are obviously highly mobile as you can dump the sand out to travel and then fill them back up when you get to your destination.

We like these sand bags as they are made in America by an Army veteran and some with burly material and are stitched well. We have been putting these sand bags to the test at the SGPT gym and they are holding up well.

These sand bags are great for performing push press, thrusters, running, walking lunges, sit ups, weighted burpees, squats and overhead squats and holds.

10. Protein Supplements – You can eat great but unless your a professional Olympic athlete with your own private Chef – you will not have all the nutrients your body needs. Most top Special Forces trainees use supplements to include whey protein and fish oil.

Many top CrossFit athletes are now using Progenex protein to help speed recovery time.
Check out Progenex protein for Athletes who need to Recover quick

11. Vitamins – Unless you have a personal chef or are an Olympic athlete training in Colorado Springs – chances are your not getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need. A good multiple vitamin will solve that problem. We recommend SEAL Multi vitamins as a good one a day supplement.

12. If you have the room and can haul a pull up bar around with you.

Recommended Books for Special Forces Training
8 Weeks to SEALFIT E book
Navy SEAL Fitness by Stew

Check out these questions from our readers.

Question: “Do you have a list of top ten gear list for special forces training?”. Yes; check the list above.

Question: What are a good pair of compression shorts for ruck marching? I like the Nike Pro Core 6 Inch Compression Shorts
. They fit tight but don’t cut off circulation. They keep sand and mud out of your crotch most of the time. For a long event i would have 2 pairs. I also use them for wrestling Ji-Jitsu. Add body glide to your crotch before putting them on.

Question: Do you have a coupon code for the Stew Smith Ranger SF workout Ebook? We don’t have a coupon code but the book is already discounted.

Question: Was Floyd Mayweather in the Special Forces? We don’t know but we think he workouts out in a CrossFit gym.

Question: What are vasque boots worn by special forces? The Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe was used by DevGru SEAL Team Six to take out Bin Laden.

Question: Do you have a desert deployment gear list? Check out this gear list for a Sand box tour here

Question: how much does green beret back pack weigh? Depending on the mission it can weight as much as 100 lbs.

Question: Do you have a nike sfb 6 inch promo code. Looking now but you can check reviews on similar boot to the Nike SFB here.

Question: where can i find Navy SEAL and Special Forces clothing like they wore in desert operations? Check here: Camouflage Military BDU Army Cargo Fatigues

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QUESTION: Coach, what do you like to add to your workout shakes?

ANSWER: I use Athletic Greens in our shakes. It’s got tons of great nutrition—vitamins and minerals. Plus it mixes up easy in milk or water.