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Increase Testosterone

Increase Lean Muscle

Decreases Muscle Fatigue

Boost Energy

Excellent Source Of Arginine

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Elite Test 360 Review by V. Bosnich
elite test 360 gncIt took about 1.5 months but suddenly I lost 10 then 5 then 12 more lbs.

I have gained back 7, net loss of 20 lbs and have stabilized there for past 2 to 3 months.

Went from 36 to 33 waist and love it. Going to try Elite Test 360 to help me lose 17 lbs more.

Elite Test 360 Reviews: What’s the Verdict?

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Question: What is the main ingredient?
Answer: The only active ingredient is L-Arginine.

Question: How should you use Elite 360?

Answer: Keep in mind that this product only works in conjunction with a regular physical fitness program. You will see ehanced results quicker! I use it in conjunction with Ripped Muscle X (see review). One dose (one pill) in the morning daily does it for me! I routinely run 2 miles before hitting the weights for 1-2 hours three times a week.

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