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7 Tips to Get You Out of Any Slump

By Brad McLeod 2-13-2024 Check out this article on the 7 Tips to Get You Out of Any Slump. I was talking to one of our SGPT coaching athletes yesterday and he was in a small slump. He did not feel well and was tired in the afternoon. He did not have a real goal... Read More
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Building an Olympic Body Through Bodyweight Exercises

Check out these tips for building an Olympic body through bodyweight exercises. We have all seen them on television during the Olympics; these powerful men and women performing amazing skills with ease and grace. Watching them perform the question inevitably arises – are they as powerful as they look? And the answer is – yes.... Read More
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5 Tests to Measure Your Functional Fitness

Before diving into a new strength program, it’s always a good idea to test yourself to see how you measure up with certain physical tasks. After all, if you don’t have a rough idea of where your starting point is then how would you know how much you might improve after completing a training cycle?... Read More
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Pavel’s Pull-Up + Push-Up Ladder

Check out Pavel’s Pull-Up + Push-Up Ladder. Also known as Crank More Using Old School Soviet Special Forces Methods I wanted you to check out this method (aka Pavel’s Grease the Groove) of how to crank out more push-ups and pull-ups and set a new personal record (PR). This technique will surely have you on a journey to... Read More

Warrior Yoga Workout

Foam roll as needed Box breathing 5×5 Yoga downward dog position Yoga warrior position Cold shower Write in your training journal RELATED ARTICLES: Breathing Techniques for Athletes... Read More
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5K Running Tips

Check out these 5k running tips to help you start and finish your best 5k run time ever. Tip #1: Go to a track and run a 5k distance If you have to jog or walk—do so. Put this time into your log. This will be your baseline score and will show you how much... Read More
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Navy SEAL Top Ten Swim Challenges

We got a great question this week: “Coach, what are the swim tests I have to pass for BUD/S? I want to start practicing with my swim.” First, a few pointers: Relax. This sounds like a no-brainer, but we often notice students tensing up as they practice. Tensing up leads to panic, and if you... Read More
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Can you Finish a David Goggins Workout?

David Goggins is a FREAK — can I get a big head nod on that? He was quoted on Twitter “If you don’t like what you see in the mirror…CHANGE IT.” Our website is veteran owned and reader supported. When you buy through our links we may receive a commission that helps keep our business... Read More
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Top 10 Pose Running Tips for Athletes

Pose Running is a more efficient way to run than the standard heel strike method we’re all familiar with and used to. Pose running, because of its efficiency, can not only help you improve your running time, but also reduce the risk of injury. It minimizes joint impact, and aims to reduce the muscular contribution... Read More
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Sled Drag Workout Tips

Check out these Sled Drag Workout Tips to help you build strength and increase hip power. The sled is especially good on recovery days as it is a concentric motion that increases blood flow. If your looking to increase your work capacity, increase your bodies ability to heal and improve on your squat and deadlift.... Read More
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Tips on Writing Goals for Athletes

As athletes – we all have goals. Some are more defined than others.  Some are bigger than others.  Some athletes have a method of reaching their goals in far faster time than others. If you click on any link we may get a commission from which helps keep gas in the truck and the... Read More
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The Purpose of Mobility Workouts

Mobility workouts are crucial for Navy SEALs. They help us move freely and swiftly in various situations. These workouts aren’t just about being flexible; they improve how our bodies function. When we’re agile and flexible, we can maneuver better during missions. It’s like oiling the gears of a machine – mobility workouts keep our bodies... Read More
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Breathing Exercises for Athletes

Have you ever wondered how elite athletes make everything look so effortless and never seem out of breath? Many of them have learned over the years to control their breathing and to relax in tough mental and physical situations. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, athletes who learn how to regulate their breathing to... Read More
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Top 10 Military Bodyweight Workouts

We get asked all the time for a list of military bodyweight workouts from my days in the Navy and training with other Special Forces units. Several of us were talking after a workout at the gym and we started to come up with a quick list to get you going. If you click on... Read More
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