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Tips to Improve Your Mile Run Time

Tips to Improve Your Mile Run Time: We get this question every week: “Coach, how do I improve my mile run time?” You may be trying to get better for the next local 5k run. Or you might be considering the Special Forces. We got you. The following are some of the tried and tested... Read More
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Navy SEAL Unloads His Top 10 Tips to Improve Pull-Ups

One of the questions we get frequently at SGPT is about how to do better at pull-ups. I am just like you — I need to work on my pull-ups and improve. Even though I try to keep my body still in the dead hang, I have a slight kip when I get tired. I... Read More
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Hand Care Tips for Functional Fitness + CrossFit Athletes

Working out in the gym can be tough on your hands.  Whether you are a functional fitness athlete or just starting CrossFit workout – you will want to take care of your hands. Many of the workouts you will do are high reps and heavy work. Between the barbell, gymnastic rings and pull up bars... Read More
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Jump Rope Tips and Workouts

Jumping rope is one of the easiest ways to build up and train your cardiovascular system.  Even on a cold rainy day – you can break out a basic jump rope in your garage or basement or spare bedroom and get a great workout. No garage gym should be without a good jump rope to work... Read More
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Top 10 Weight Vest Reviews

Check out these reviews for the Top 10 weight vest for bodyweight workouts and you make the decision which one is best for you. There are many good weighted vest out on the market and several that will fall apart after a few uses. Pretty much you get what you pay for. You can spend... Read More

Tips on Writing Goals for Athletes

As athletes – we all have goals. Some are more defined than others.  Some are bigger than others.  Some athletes have a method of reaching their goals in far faster time than others. We have all of our athletes in the gym write down their goals from day one. Some good examples are to lose... Read More
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Mobility Workouts

In order to prevent injuries- we need to warmup and cool down with quality mobility warmups before all workouts. It is recommended to spend 10 plus minutes to warmup with a mobility workout before you begin to hit it hard with full intensity in the main workout. This is a great time for movement and... Read More
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Meet Diamond Ott, Who Many are Calling, “The Fittest Soldier in the World”

1st Sgt Diamond Ott, 41, with the US Army 1st Cavalry Division based at Fort Hood is known to be the strongest soldier. He is also a certified Extreme Fitness Trainer and dedicates his time to helping the Army build stronger and better soldiers. Ott has spent over 20 years in the US Army, and... Read More
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How To Get Strong In Prison

Lifting weights out there on the streets is a little different than in Prison. You got to make sure nobody going to choke you out while your lifting a bench press. Check out how these cats show you “How to get strong in Prison”. BULK UP These lifters consume a lot of calories and bulk... Read More
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Tim Kennedy Workouts

There’s no argument that Tim Kennedy is one true bad a**s dudes on the planet. He’s a former Green Beret, sniper, sniper instructor and MMA champion. While serving in the Army, Kennedy was deployed to Iraq several times in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He has also served in Afghanistan and is... Read More
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Can you finish a David Goggins Workout?

David Goggins is a FREAK — can I get a big head nod on that? He was quoted on Twitter “If you don’t like what you see in the mirror…CHANGE IT.” Our website is veteran owned and reader supported. When you buy through our links we may receive a commission that helps keep our business... Read More

How a Mantra can improve your training and help you embrace the suck – Navy SEAL Workouts

What’s your mantra? When the going gets tough, many of us click into dig deep mode and repeat a mantra. This does a few things, and has great results. Why use a Mantra? Simple. When you are pushing hard it keeps your brain focused on the goal. It creates a rhythm as well allowing you... Read More

14 Day Navy SEAL Bodyweight Download

14 Day Navy SEAL Bodyweight Download Click HERE to Download your FREE 14 Day Navy SEAL Bodyweight Training Program.  Check out SGPT’s Complete Line of Training! SEAL Grinder PT, founded by former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod offers 30, 90, 180 and 365 Day Training Programs.  These training programs are ideal for: BUD/s Candidates, Endurance... Read More

Breathing Exercises for Athletes

Have you ever wondered how elite athletes make everything look so effortless and never seem out of breath? Many of them have learned over the years to control their breathing and to relax in tough mental and physical situations. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, athletes who learn how to regulate their breathing to... Read More
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