Navy SEAL Top Ten Swim Challenges

We got a great question this week: “Coach, what are the swim tests I have to pass for BUD/S? I want to start practicing with my swim.”

First, a few pointers:

Relax. This sounds like a no-brainer, but we often notice students tensing up as they practice. Tensing up leads to panic, and if you panic, you’re done. It also makes you unable to practice situational awareness, which is essential to keeping you and your team safe.

Always practice with a lifeguard or buddy who is a qualified/expert swimmer. That way you can do what we recommend above–relax–and focus on your technique and timing. Of course you still have to remain aware and safe, but learning how to rely on your swim buddy is essential to passing BUD/S.

Do not tie your hands. Candidates don’t even do this when they reach the phase of drownproofing. Simply interlace your fingers firmly behind your back.

Always focus on keeping both you and your swim buddy safe. Being stupid and reckless is an immediate way to create danger for your team and get you kicked out of BUD/S.

If you have any questions, let us know through the SEALGrinderPT Facebook page.

Here are our top 10 BUD/S Swim Challenges:

1. Bobbing up and down from the bottom of the pool to the surface for five minutes. (Drown proofing.)

2. Floating on your back for five minutes.

3. Cross-chest carry.

4. 50 meter underwater swim.

5. Retrieve your swimming mask at the bottom of the pool using your teeth. (Note: You’ll be doing it with your hands clasped behind your back.)

6. Treading water (at BUD/S you’ll learn how to do this with fins and tank).

7. Underwater lifesaving.

8. Dolphin swim.

9. Combat swim.

10. Underwater somersaults.



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