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10 Tips to Increase Mental Toughness

A question we get weekly is “Coach, how do I improve my mental toughness and create an inner strength?”.  We all want to be strong in times of adversity. Deep down we all want to be ready for anything at anytime. We don’t need to look far to find some good answers. Lebron James and... Read More
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Air Force Sergeant Conquers His 100% Disability Rating and Returns to Full Duty

Airforce Sergeant Israel Del Toro returns back to full duty after conquering his 100% disability rating. Del Toro will also be competing in the 2017 Warrior Games after he was nearly killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan 12 years ago. Del Toro received third-degree burns over 80% of his body. While in the hospital... Read More

Unbeatable Mind Academy Review

Do you wish you had the ability to increase your mental toughness? Do you seek the confidence to deal with any threat, to steer any situation to a positive outcome? If so, you can now learn the inner secrets of Navy SEAL Mental Toughness and a Warrior Offensive Mind-set from a veteran teacher of Special... Read More

Self-Compassion Is The Highest Form Of Mental Toughness

Mental toughness, in the athletic world, is generally defined as perseverance despite  challenges and obstacles.  It’s recognizing that the negative self-talk our minds spew at us are really just lies.  Or, at least, misinformation. So when I say that mental toughness also means self-compassion, it means giving yourself a break.  It means allowing yourself fragility.... Read More
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Creating Motivation, Part 3 of 3 — Finding Your How, Part 3 of 3

by Heather Self So by now you have your why.  You have your want and need. You have your three legs set under your table and you’re balanced and stable. Now what? Now it’s about finding your how. Often, people go into a goal thinking they have to have it laid out in perfect detail,... Read More

Creating Motivation, Part 2 of 3: You Gotta Want It

I realize you might be thinking I’m just regurgitating stuff you’ve read elsewhere about goal setting (finding your why, gotta wanting it, so to speak). But there’s a valid reason all those sources keep saying it: Needing a why to keep you motivated as much of a truth as you needing to eat is. The... Read More

Creating Motivation, Part 1 of 3: Finding Your Why

When it comes to goals, asking “why” you want to achieve something is necessary.  Otherwise you’re just kind of floating around and you won’t get through. Especially for the tougher ones. The Universe (or however you look at it) needs to know why so it can send you ways to get it that will become... Read More
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5 Tips to Master Your Mind

By Ryan Munsey I’m a “biohacker”. Hacker = someone who seizes control of a system Biology = the physiology, quality, and/or behavior of an organism Biohacker = I manipulate my biology and bend nature to my will in order to optimize my mental and physical performance. In addition to being a biohacker, I’m also a... Read More
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10 Tips to Improve Mental Focus

How many times have you said “It’s on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite remember”? Or “I am terrible with names but I always remember a face?” Or you just lost your focus for a moment and ending up losing a chess match or important baseball game. Or you are wanting to... Read More
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Mental Conditioning Skills in Sports

Mental Conditioning Skills in Sports The majority of our focus now in sports is on the physical side. We are obsessed with how high a person can jump or how fast their 40 yard dash is. Until lately, not much attention has been placed on the mental side of the equation. With the rise of... Read More
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5 Tips to Get Mentally Strong Like a Navy SEAL

What does being mentally strong mean? It means taking obstacles and making them opportunities. To get focused on what you can do in the middle of a big problem. It means not letting that problem kick you down and keep you there. It means letting yourself acknowledge things suck, but moving forward anyway. Check out... Read More
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Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine True warriors are unbeatable because they have conditioned their minds to be unbeatable. They learn to control their minds and win internally well before they enter the fight. This is the first premise of Unbeatable Mind training This sounds simple but it is not easy. It takes knowledge, skills and... Read More

Peel Back the Layers

Physical exertion is a great tool to work the muscle of the mind. Mental conditioning is the ultimate venue to develop and better your self. A great method to improve your self both physically and mentally is to visualize your future self. That is to see your self as you want to appear accomplishing your... Read More

SEALgrinderPT Mental Conditioning Audio Series – GOALS

Goals for Workouts and Life Want to become part of the top 1 percenters on this planet? What do great athletes like Michael Jordan, Herschel Walker, Bruce Lee and Tiger Woods all know and practice daily? Learn to master goals. Write them down, work on details, set a date and be passionate. Most people spend... Read More
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