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The SECRET UnderGround Bunker – Lost Tape Series
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Mental Preparedness 88 minute audio download $9.99 on SALE now $2.99

Recorded live in the infamous SEALgrinderPT underground bunker.

Learn the inner mind info that the enemy does NOT want you to know. Everyone talks about physical training and how to do pushups and pull ups. That is great.  But…did you know that numerous experts agree (myself included) that getting through Navy SEAL training is 90% mental and 10% physical. Thats right. It’s time to flex your mental muscle and workout the grey matter between your ears.

Get 88 minutes of mind blowing audio with killer tips and advice on how to step your game up to the next level and achieve your goals. Learn how to prepare for tough workouts and events — and thrive during the workout.  No one else is teaching this stuff.

Perfect to listen to while traveling to work, running on the beach or during your next workout. Feed your brain and work on the most vital part of your mental game.

Learn what the pro’s like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and Herschel Walker already know.  Their trainers have pounded this into their heads and they get it — that is why they are head and shoulders above their competition.

This audio gives spot on advice on all of the key components of mental preparedness —
* Visualization
* Affirmations
* Goal Setting
* Breathing

Check out this 3 minute audio introduction to the Tape series – click here:

Great to listen to while running or working out. Perfect for athletes of all levels, football players, golfers and up and coming Special Forces Candidates.

88 minute packed downloadable Audio for $9.99 on SALE $2.99

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The SECRET UnderGround Bunker -Audio Tape Series

Believe In Yourself
We all want to dream and have goals – but how do we start?
Here are the exact tools to put you on the path up the ladder.
Straight from the heart – this audio was recorded on the beach of South Carolina and I hold no punches. If you want the one- two punch to annihilate your opponents and walk through the valley of doom – then listen to this and reinforce Your Belief in Yourself. This audio is loaded and is the Killa sauce to take you to the Top!
20 minutes of power packed Audio – $3.99
Believe In Yourself SGPT Audio

The Mountain Series – RearView Mirror
Drill down like a laser and extract one of the top issues holding you back — Your Past — You don’t drive your car looking in the rearview mirror — And you sure don’t attack the mountain of your goals looking back into the past. See your brilliant future — find the way to Advance forward and leaving behind the old.
18 minutes of direct action Audio – $3.99

Goals for Workouts and Life

Do you want to become part of the top 1 percenters on this planet? Learn to master goals. Write them down, work on details, set a date and be passionate. Most people spend more time planning their vacation than setting goals for their life. They become a boat without a rudder or motor. Inside tips on how the top athlete’s on the planet thrive with goal setting. A 35 minute audio download packed with killer tips to help you set goals to lose 10 lbs, compete in the upcoming local 5k or make it through BUD/S SEAL training or Special Forces Selection.

Comes with an email access to the mental conditioning Coach Brad McLeod to help you reach your goals.

Read more and check out reviews on the SGPT Goals audio
35 minute audio download – only $4.99

The Latest Edition in the Secret Underground Bunker Tape Series
How do you overcome obstacles and the struggles in life to achieve your goals and dreams?  Have you been knocked down and want to get back up?  No one is going to give you anything in life – but there is a way to gather your feet up under you and stand back up while falling forward. Check out 44 minutes of keys, tools and 2 task to get you on the path towards achieving and winning.  WARNING! Whiners and crybabies – do not purchase as you will get your feelings hurt from these real life methods to overcome.
44 minute Audio Download – $5.99

If You Cant Walk then F@#$ing Crawl

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