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Top 10 Navy SEAL Sunglasses

Check out this list of the favorite tactical sunglasses used by Navy SEALs out in training and on the streets. Whether you are protecting your eyes from dust and grime or just looking cool for the ladies – its all good. You got to have a good pair of glasses when you are working out... Read More
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Top 10 GORUCK Event Boots

 We get this question every week “Coach, what kind of boots should I wear for the upcoming GORUCK event”? So we put together this list to help out athletes so they can see what others have used and make the best choice for their feet. Good Luck. There is no magic boot – but a boot... Read More
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Navy SEAL Hiking Boots, Tactical & Special Forces Boots

Navy SEAL Hiking Boots Tactical Special Forces Boots: Many of our athletes and Special Forces candidates want to know exactly what exactly is the best footwear that the Navy SEAL uses in training and overseas in Afghanistan. What is working out in the field vs what is not? What combat boots effectively keep the feet... Read More
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Top 10 CrossFit Gear for a Garage Gym

What gear do I need to start CrossFit in a garage gym? After starting our CrossFit garage gym back in 2010 we have learned a lot a few things and made some mistakes. We get asked all of the time what we think are the top 10 CrossFit gear you need for a garage gym.... Read More
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GORUCK Challenge Packing List

We have many athletes in our SGPT group that are training for a GORUCK Challenge. We encourage all of our athletes to try an event like this. Set a big gnarly goal that scares you and go after it. From the GORUCK light to SELECTION – these events are tough and you need to be... Read More
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Best Navy SEAL and Special Forces Watches

Want to know which is the best watch for a Navy SEAL? I was issued a standard Navy dive watch when I checked into an East Coast SEAL Team. It was an expensive Seiko and I was scared I would damage or lose it. I quickly switched to a much cheaper 1982 Casio G-Shock and... Read More
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TRX Military Discount

Check out the updated list of all TRX coupons and TRX Military Discounts. We are constantly on the look out for the most recent TRX Sales and discount coupons. We will post up discounts and coupon codes as soon as we receive them. DEAL #1 TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical – Save $30 on TRX FORCE... Read More

Top 10 Recovery Compression Socks

If you are an athlete that is out there on an endurance event you will want to have all the extra help you can get. 2XU Bomba Zensah CEP Progressive SB Sox Sockwell McDavid Rebound Insignia Reflective compression Shock Doctor Bauerfiend Related Articles: How to prevent blisters with double socks ProSok sock reviews Top 10... Read More

Top 10 SOCOM helmet accessories

Special operators are on track to receive new helmets in the future. These new rigs are constructed to give you protection against ballistics (bullets) but also be able to integrate/ work with newest hearing protection and head-mounted communications devices. We will have to wait a little while for the new Gentex helmet. So what all... Read More

Do SEAL Team operators really carry a combat axe?

You may have read a few things that have talked about the use of combat axes by the Navy SEAL Teams? Is this true or a sailors tale? The word is that SEAL Team 6 members would receive a Daniel Winkler combat axe after a successful year with that tier 1 group. In the New... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: Palmetto State Armory PA10 – .308 AR Rifle”

Gear Review: Palmetto State Armory PA10 – .308 AR Rifle

The AR platform – short for Armalite Rifle, not Assault Rifle – comes in so many flavors and varieties. Carbine length gas systems, 7.5 inch barrels, rifle length buffer tubes, NiB bolt carriers….the possibilities are endless. To give one even more choice paralysis, there are a variety of different calibers you can obtain; 5.56, .300 BLK, and... Read More
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Top 10 Tactical Knives

Check out these small tactical knives that SGPT readers use and carry in the field and voted as the best that they trust and use. These knives are great for every day carry and out in the field where you may need a fixed blade and a little more weight. #10 Spyderco Dragonfly2 Knife This... Read More
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How to Zero in a Red Dot Sight

We all want to be accurate in our shooting. As close to the bulls eye as possible every time. Check out these tips to help you zero in your red dot and get you as accurate as possible on the range with your AR-15. Zero in with Aimpoint shooting target 1. Set up the Aimpoint... Read More
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Top 10 Danner Tactical Boots

Ever since I got my first pair of Danner boots issued when I was in the Navy SEAL Teams – I have always wanted to get another pair. But the first pair did not wear out for at least a decade of very hard use. This included a 100 mile hike in the Sierras in... Read More
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