Top 10 Backpacks for the SEALFIT 20X Challenge Event

By Brad McLeod originally posted 4-1-2018. Updated 4-11-24

Check out this list of Top 10 Backpacks for the SEALFIT 20X Challenge Event.

We get this question alot; “Coach, what backpack do you recommend for training and to do a SEALFIT 20X Challenge?

That is a great question, so we checked in with athletes that have finished the event.

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This is the same backpack that is issued at SEALFIT Kokoro. It is not very comfortable. The straps break occasionally.

If the strap breaks you just have to deal with it. The backpack is not meant to be comfortable it is meant to be part of your obstacle.

Yes. That is all you need for Kokoro camp.

Mark Clingen used this same backpack to complete a recent 20X Challenge in Canada. You can read an interview here.

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The ALICE pack has been a staple for rucking and moving equipment in the military. Many athletes have used this type of pack to complete long endurance events like GORUCK. Craig Graves used a simple ALICE Pack for his SEALFIT 20X Challenge.

You cant go wrong with this pack as it is a great price under $75 and you can reuse it to haul your gear to the gym.

SGPT athlete Craig Graves used an ALICE pack to complete his 20X Challenge.

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JN Gross: I used an Explorer B5-BK backpack. The straps were comfortable but in hindsight I wish it had a waist strap. I actually intentionally didn’t get a waist strap bag because I didn’t think it would be allowed but I would definitely have it for next time.

It moved around a lot on my back during pushups and planks, making them more difficult than they should have been and later one of the shoulder straps actually ripped off and I had to tie the strap off on one of the molle points. It got through the day but it’s now been retired into a sandbag in my garage.

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Check out JN Gross Interview using the Explorer pack


The 5.11 Tactical Backpack, known as the Rush 12, is a versatile and durable companion for everyday use. Crafted by 5.11 Tactical, a brand synonymous with quality, this backpack stands out for its functionality and rugged design. Whether you’re heading to work, the gym, or a weekend adventure, the Rush 12 is up for the task.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Rush 12 boasts a variety of compartments and pockets to keep your essentials organized. From pens and notebooks to electronics and hydration packs, everything has its designated space. The transition from workday to outdoor exploration is seamless, thanks to the backpack’s adaptability and robust construction. Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or hitting the trails, the 5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 is a reliable pack.

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Meet the Mystery Ranch Scree 32, a backpack designed for those who crave adventure and demand durability. Crafted by Mystery Ranch, renowned for their outdoor gear, the Scree 32 is a reliable companion for explorers and hikers alike. With its 32-liter capacity, it strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and portability, making it an ideal choice for a day hike or an overnight adventure.

The Scree 32 features a thoughtfully designed layout, ensuring easy access to your gear while on the go. Multiple compartments and pockets cater to various storage needs, from water bottles to extra layers. The transition from urban life to the great outdoors is seamless with the Mystery Ranch Scree 32, offering comfort, functionality, and durability for those who embrace the call of the wild.

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What body lubricant do you recommend for an endurance event like SEALFIT 20X Challenge or GORUCK?

I recommend either Bodyglide or Trail Toes as a body lubricant to keep my toes and crotch from blistering.

A little bit of lube can go a long way to helping you finish the course without getting chafed. You dont want to get half way through an event and your butt is all chafed.

Take a little bit of extra precaution and get some lube for your private parts.

Check out our SGPT Top 10 Chafe Cream used by our athletes.


The Condor 3 Day Assault Pack, made from durable nylon material, is a reliable backpack designed for extended outdoor adventures. With a spacious cargo compartment, it accommodates large loads, making it ideal for a SEALFIT 20X Challenge. The backpack’s seven pockets are strategically designed for easy access and organization, ensuring that your essentials are readily available when needed. I like that it is hydration-pack compatible, accommodating a 2L or 3L bladder for convenient hydration during your 20X journey.

Featuring body contour shoulder straps equipped with a D-Ring for equipment attachment, a sternum strap, and a removable waist belt, this backpack prioritizes comfort and practicality. The individual foam pad back panel not only enhances comfort but also promotes maximum airflow, keeping you cool during your outdoor activities. With a heavy-duty carry and drag handle, the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is easy to transport, providing convenience for various situations. The backpack’s total dimensions of 22″ x 17″ x 11″ and a capacity of 3038 cubic inches or 50 Liters make it a well-designed and spacious option for those who value simplicity and functionality in their outdoor gear.

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The TRU-SPEC Elite 3 Day Backpack is a practical choice for anyone looking to do a 20X challenge or GORUCK event. Crafted from durable 100% nylon, this backpack is designed to withstand the rigors of an endurance outdoor event. To keep it in top-notch condition, it’s recommended to hand wash only. Imported for quality assurance, it combines functionality with a stylish camouflage pattern.

This backpack prioritizes user comfort and convenience with a padded air mesh back panel and shoulder straps, ensuring better ventilation during extended wear. The reinforced grab-and-go carry handle adds a quick and easy carrying option. Practical features like mesh water bottle/utility pouches, a hydration system, and a key chain holder contribute to its versatile design. The large main padded compartment includes a rigid board for stability and support, while a concealed padded zippered pocket built into the kidney pad adds an extra layer of security and functionality. The TRU-SPEC Elite 3 Day Camo Backpack caters to those who appreciate simplicity, durability, and thoughtful design in their outdoor gear.

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If you want to explore the world with just one backpack, the GR2 ruck is the perfect choice. It’s designed like medical packs used by Special Forces, with lots of pockets and great organization, and it’s small enough to be carried onto planes. With the GR2, you can travel without the hassle of extra bags.

This pack has been used on multiple SEALFIT 20X Challenges. The GR2 has a new fabric called 210D CORDURA® for the back panel. It is really tough and made to be durable and versatile, so we’ve updated the GR2 with it. Made proudly in the USA, and guaranteed for life by our Scars Lifetime Guarantee, the GR2 is ready for any adventure.Worn by Paul Reddick

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The Rothco MOLLE II 3-Day Assault Pack in Olive Drab is a robust and reliable choice, constructed with rugged denier polyester material designed to endure extended journeys while carrying your equipment. For those opting for the MultiCam version, it’s made of denier nylon for added durability. With dimensions of 20” x 12” x 7”, this tactical pack offers a spacious main compartment and an external zippered pouch, providing ample room to store essential supplies and gear for your adventures.

Equipped with practical features, the Rothco Assault Pack includes an internal hydration pocket with a hook and loop hydration hose port on the top (hydration bladder not included). The front and sides of the pack are fully covered with MOLLE-compatible straps, allowing you to attach additional gear as needed.

The backpack also comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps, a sternum strap, and a waist belt to enhance stability during wear. The top carry handle adds extra convenience for carrying, and a foam panel is incorporated for additional back support, ensuring comfort and functionality for outdoor enthusiasts.

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The GORUCK Rucker 4.0 is purpose-built for rucking, making it the ultimate gym on your back that has revolutionized the fitness category of carrying weight. Specifically designed for rucking, it features an elevated pocket for Ruck Plates, reinforced construction, extra padded straps, and multiple handles, making it a versatile training tool. The Rucker is your go-to rucksack for getting stronger, one rep and one mile at a time, providing the durability and functionality needed for various workouts.

With universal features like lumbar padding supporting the natural curve of your back, a hi-vis reflective stripe for safety, and a frame sheet for pack integrity, the Rucker ensures comfort and safety during your training sessions. It’s designed with practicality in mind, featuring YKK zippers with silent pulls, an interior D-ring, and a hydration tube exit port under the top handle. The Rucker is highly water-resistant, compatible with Ruck Plates, and includes adjustable and removable Training Sternum Strap. The 15L, 20L, and 25L options offer different capacities and features, allowing you to choose the size that suits your training needs. With GORUCK’s Scars Lifetime Guarantee, this rucksack is built to last, and in case of any issues, they promise to fix it.

This backpack was worn by Tata Figuero during her SEALFIT 20X Challenge in Puerto Rico.

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