Oboz Sawtooth Low Hiking Shoes Review

I picked up a pair of Oboz Sawtooth low hiking shoes a few months back (July 2018) and wanted to let you know my feedback from wearing them. I have been using these to do some trail hiking in Florida and they are doing great so far.

Out of the box I like the overall look and feel of the shoe as it is well built and looks like it is ready to hit the trail.

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The upper material is a nubuck leather which has withstood many hours in the forest. So far the shoe has heled up to abuse well and has above average wear and tear. The heel counter is 3D molded and it comes with a tough lacing system that doesnt fray despite going through the briers. The mid sole is a dual density EVA with a nylon shank.

The tread is what I really like as it has an aggressive lug pattern but also uses a sticky rubber similar to what you find in a climbing shoe.

I have tried these in wet and dry surfaces and they do really well. One of the best uses I have found is for mountain biking when your using a flat pedal. The shoe is stiff enough to help you get leverage on the pedal – but not as stiff as a regular mountain bike shoe with cleats.

I give them a 3 for biking but let me explain. Maybe you are out on a ride and you want to stash the bike in the tree line and hike up a ridge? This is a perfect shoe for that. Pair it up with some socks (I like the Darn Tough Vermont wool socks) and you have a very durable combination.

Photo below February 2020 after 18 months wear

These shoe would be good for trail running in training but I would maybe switch up to a lighter pair if you were really wanting to race.

The shoe weighs about 2 lbs which is not super light weight – but that is what I like is that this is a beefy trail shoe that can hold up.

For comparison the Brookes Cascadia trail shoe weights 1.8 lbs.

photo below May 2022 (3.5 years wear)


This is where this shoe fits into the groove. I will give it a 4.8 out of a 5 in this department. This is a perfect shoe for hiking a trail in a warm climate. From swamps to sand dunes to mountain ridges – this shoe will excel in all terrains. This is where I want to wear a sturdy lugged trail shoe – vs a heavier clunky boot.

Check price at Amazon.com

I purchased a new pair of Oboz Sawtooth in March 2024. I have been wearing them as my go-to shoe for hiking and rucking.

I will post up more photos and let you know how it goes with this pair.


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