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Box Weight Vest Reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Box weighted vest and you decide if it is good enough for your workouts. Box weighted vest review by Jason: Yes, it is not cheap. I was hesitant but the track record for the BOX weight vest is good. I bought it and I love it. You... Read More

Alico vs Danner boot review

Check out the reviews, videos and comparisons for the Alico vs Danner hiking boots and you be the judge which is best for your feet. Alico Summit Hiking Boots review I have been a fan of the Alico boots since my days in the military. Right now I own two pairs – both the Tahoe... Read More

Danner Crag Rat vs Bates RAT boot review

Check out the reviews and videos comparing the Danner Crag Rat vs Bates Rat boot and you be the judge which one will be your go to field boot. The Danner Crag Rat boot features a new Dynamic Response System which was developed for the most rugged high altitude conditions. It provides the protection, the... Read More
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Gear Review: Condor Urban Go Pack Review

Up for review is the Condor Outdoor Urban Go Pack. A spacious pack, this item is feature rich, with a large capacity; 48 L in fact. I tested out this pack over the course of about 8 hours, and as many miles in the Georgia mountains, loaded out with between 20 and 40 lbs each... Read More

Danner ICH boots review

The Danner 7 inch ICH Boots are weather tough and built for the long trek. These boots have been used on the battlefield, key reinforcements make all the difference and the same principle holds in bootmaking. Here Danner bolsters the ICH heel and ankle so you can stand your ground under any circumstances. Danner ICH boots... Read More

Danner Boots vs Bates Boots

Danner boots are USA crafted in Portland Oregon. These are ideal for rugged all-terrain and built with nothing but the best materials that can stand the test of time and abuse. Many of the military branches use these boots to get their forces in the right spot with the right gear. Video – Danner® RAT... Read More

GORUCK Radio Ruck Reviews

The GoRuck Radio Ruck takes inspiration from the size of the primary radio used by Special Forces – hence its name. The GR Radio Ruck is a versatile daypack that can accommodate whatever adventure the day brings. GoRuck Radio Ruck Review by Brian Hicks: I bought the GoRuck Radio Ruck over 2 years ago and... Read More

Bates Durashock vs Danner Acadia boot reviews

Check out the boot reviews and videos for the Bates Durashock vs Danner Acadia and you make the best choice for your feet. Bates Durashock GTX review by Hardy This is a great boot especial if you like the extra ankle support. It’s a little warm if you live in a warm humid climate, but... Read More
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RepFitness Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar Review

We received a RepFitness squat rack (Rep SR-4000) with pull up bar for our garage gym last month. The rig came in two boxes and was delivered by UPS right to our door. I was able to pick up both boxes with ease and neither one was damaged in the delivery from Colorado. I set... Read More

Salomon X Ultra mid 2 vs Lowa renegade GTX boot review

Check out the comparisons, reviews and videos for the Salomon X Ultra mid 2 vs Lowa renegade GTX boot and you decide which one is best for your next hike. The FACTS: The Salomon runs around $125 with a weight of 1 lb 2 ounces. Has Vibram sticky rubber and completely waterproof. PROS: What we... Read More
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TRX Force Kit Reviews

Check out the reviews for the TRX Force Kit and see how you can use it in your daily workouts What is in the Kit? This is a 12-Week Progressive Tactical Conditioning Program. Armed with feedback from service members in the field and the latest best-practices in exercise science, we designed this new program to... Read More
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5.11 Tactical Bailout Bag Review

5.11 Tactical Bail Out bag review by Billy T: Positives: nice size bag for patrol gear, and extra ammo. Overall build quality in the 5.11 bail out bag and it seem goods and it is attractive. Concerns: missing double and reenforced stitching in some areas that need it like zip seams. It doesn’t have a... Read More
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Concept2 SkiErg reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Concept2 SkiERg and you make the best decision if it is good enough for your next workouts. This machine takes up very little room (mounts on the wall) and can give you a mighty cardio workout in a short period of time. I have used it in... Read More
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Titan power rack reviews

Check out the Titan power rack reviews and you decide if it is good enough for your garage gym. Titan Power rack review by CJ: The Rack: Exactly what I wanted and needed, with no frills or negative surprises. It essentially is a clone of the Rogue R3 rack but much cheaper in price. Feels... Read More
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