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GORUCK Bullet Review

GoRuck TIP: This Ruck was designed for hydration and simple storage, making it the ideal choice for GORUCK Nasty. The Bullet is also great for a GORUCK Light as it fits up to six bricks (four comfortably) or a 20LB Filler Bag. GoRuck Bullet Ruck Review by Kit K. The Bullet Ruck is a great... Read More

Danner RAT vs Merrell Sawtooth boot review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Danner RAT vs Merrell Sawtooth and you decide which boot is best for your feet in the field. Danner RAT Temperate Military Boots Review by CT The first pair of danners I put on I was impressed with. As much as I was impressed with that first... Read More

Top 10 Oakley Tactical Boots

Check out the reviews and videos for the Top 10 Oakley Tactical boots and you decide which one is best for your use in the field. Oakley Men’s SI Assault 6″ Hiking Boot review by Beard: I got these boots issued when i deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and ended up buying a second... Read More
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GORUCK Interview with Eliot Ness

SGPT: Tell us about yourself? EN: 31, Male, US Navy Reservist and a Deputy US Marshal. I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up? EN: I was a competitive swimmer for 20 years and also cross trained with Thai boxing and American Boxing. SGPT: How did you train for GoRuck?... Read More

Oakley SI Assault vs Rocky S2V

Check out the reviews, comparisons and videos for the Oakley SI Assault vs Rocky S2V and you make the decision which one to try out for your next ruck or Special Forces training. Oakley SI Assault boot review by Lucas I will keep these boots forever as they fit my feet perfect. These suckers are... Read More

Kill Cliff vs Fit Aid

You work out hard and your body is hurtin’ – what do you do? Check out the Kill Cliff vs Fit Aid reviews and you be the judge of what you will drink after your workouts. Kill Cliff was created by a former US Navy SEAL. The goal was to create a low calorie, recovery... Read More
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Danner vs Redwing Boots

Check out these reviews, videos and comparisons of the Danner vs Redwing boots. Danner boots are USA crafted in Portland Oregon. Rugged all-terrain and built with nothing but the best materials, the Danner® RAT stands ready for any mission, any environment, any time. Danner Desert Tfx Rough Out Boot review: I just got back from... Read More

Questions with GORUCK Cadre Bert Kuntz

Post up questions here to “Ask Cadre Bert” any questions you want to know about GoRuck events and training. Cadre Bert will answer these questions and we will post online. Joe Garrigan: I’m active duty air force and have been told i have bursitis in my hip from running. Am curious as to a way... Read More
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Gear Review: Condor Outdoor Garner 6″ Zip Boots

We recently tested some Condor Outdoor boots – the Garner 6″ Zip to be exact – and they held up extremely well in what we threw at them so far. After about 15 miles in the boots, I can say that they are very comfortable and easy on the feet. Granted, 15 miles is barely... Read More
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Gear Review: SOG SEAL Strike

The SOG SEAL Strike, for all intents and purposes, is probably one of my favorite all-around survival knives. I have a SEAL Pup and another SOG fixed blade with the TiNi finish, and love them, but SOG hit a home run with the SOG SEAL Strike Fixed Blade. Before we even get into the specs,... Read More
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Gear Review: E+E Tools

We always talk about bugout bags, survival kits, and the like (we meaning the entire preparedness community). But I don’t think we spend enough time talking about E+E – or Escape and Evasion. These are items which need to be considered in the event of unlawful detainment, and could be lifesaving in an emergency. While... Read More

GoRuck Brick Wrapping

You are required to carry a load (bricks or steel plate) during your GORUCK event. Check out these tips for wrapping up your bricks for the event. If you under 150 lbs you need 4 bricks (20 lbs). If you weigh over 150 lbs you need 6 bricks (30 lbs.). For the GoRuck light it... Read More
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Top 10 Rugged Cell Phones

We get asked all the time what we think are the best and most durable cell phones for operating out in the real world. What cell phones are Special Forces soldiers using? If you are traveling off the grid or in low cell coverage area check your service plan and you may want to switch... Read More

Lowa Ranger vs Uplander boot

Check out the reviews and videos on the Lowa Ranger vs Lowa Uplander boots and you make the best decision for your feet. Lowa Ranger GTX Hiking boot review by Kitchen Guy I have been wearing Lowa Ranger III GTX Hiking Boot for over 15 years now and love this new pair of Ranger’s. PROS:... Read More
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