Nike Special Field Boot Review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Nike Special Field Boot (SFB) and you decide if this boot is good enough for your next field expedition.

The Nike SFB B1 Military Lightweight Combat Boots are designed for durability and reliability in tough conditions. Available in brown and beige, these boots feature a rubber sole and ankle-height shaft, providing stability and support during wear. The ventilation ports incorporated into the design offer cooling for added comfort during extended use. It’s important to note that customer feedback suggests these boots tend to run small, so it’s recommended to choose a half-size up for the right fit. These boots are compliant with military regulations, meeting standards for the US Army OCP and MultiCam as well as the US Air Force OCP, making them a suitable choice for uniformed personnel.

Customers appreciate the overall quality, weight, and fit of these boots. Many commend their durability, stating that they hold up well against rigorous use and tough conditions. However, there are mixed opinions about the comfort level, with some users finding it less comfortable compared to other footwear options. Despite varying opinions on comfort, these boots remain popular for their reliability, construction, and adherence to military regulations, making them a solid choice for those seeking dependable combat boots.

Nike Special Field Boot Review

I was talking with my old buddy who we both served at Special Forces communication school at Fort Bragg. He told me he wasnt going back to his old style of boot, unless he hasto wear a steel toe, because they feel like sneakers. Awesome for foot patrol.

In Army Special Forces they often ruck 8hrs straight and with no boot issues. Way more comfortable than my old pair of bates boots. Durable, nice fit, great looking, lightweight, the only problems are no steel toe, no easy out (zipper type thing up the side), and that on wet tile they can be very slippery. I will be buying these Nikes from now on.

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