Top 10 Danner Tactical Boots

top 10 danner tactical boots Ever since I got my first pair of Danner boots issued when I was in the Navy SEAL Teams – I have always wanted to get another pair.

But the first pair did not wear out for at least a decade of very hard use.

This included a 100 mile hike in the Sierras in rugged terrain.

Check out these reviews of the Top 10 Danner Tactical boots that you can use for any time you want to get out in the field.

With this long list of top Danner boots you know you will find one that suits your needs.

Danner Melee 8-Inch Work Boot

I bought these boots to train for and run a GoRuck Challenge – the boots have been great! I used them for some short distance rucking and generally walking around the neighborhood prior to the Challenge and I should have gone on a few more vigorous rucks prior.

The boots do require some break-in and I had a could of hot-spots, but even over the 18 miles under-load we covered these boots held up like champs. No leather – No suede … All nylon type material. Very comfortable and light shoes.

Danner USMC Rat ST GTX 8″ boots

As a U.S. Marine (Ret.) it comes as no surprise that I’m still depending on the high degree of quality found in Danner’s craftmanship to support me in my assignments involving Executive Protection.

Danner USMC RAT ST are made for U.S. Marines to meet their extreme combat conditions. However, keep in mind that my MOS (military occupation specialty) was combat enginere. That is why I ordered the ST (safety toe) option for greater foot protection and sure door entry. These boots are not for everyone. The Few. The Proud. We Thank you Danner!

Danner Desert Tfx Rough Out Tan GTX Military Boot


Alright maybe not the best. The Danner Acadia is the best boot I have ever worn, so I’ll go with second best.

It is however definitely the best assault boot I have ever worn. It is comfortable, light, and waterproof.

I don’t know what to write so I’ll just stick with that.

Danner Men’s Desert TFX Rough-Out Hot Military Boot
I bought my first pair of these in BIAP. I will never wear another boot as long as they let me wear this one. It is super durable, looks sharp, IS LIGHT (which means everything if you have to hump it more than 1 click in the hot sun), and it is within regulation. Eat that Sergeant Major. You too Top. If you really want the best boot experience, check out the “sof sole” heat molded insole, a trick I picked up just prior to Ranger school (yep, you can wear them there too, since they are not gel insoles). As to their durability in the other comment posted, if a boot is lasting over a year, it is durable. I wore mine for two, and it is time to replace it.

Danner Men’s Tachyon 8-Inch Work Boot

ALMOST perfected.

I will begin by saying I really like these boots. They are lightweight, and man made so they are literally machine washable.

They are light and comfortable like the Nikes and Rocky C4T, but unlike those, you DO NOT feel rocks poking your feet.

If you do get these boots wet they will drain well.

TFX G3 8 inch GTX shoe

Just received these boots and did a short walk in them last night.

It started to rain and I did a little running. These are very light and I think are just as comfortable as my running shoes.

I need to drop some weight and plan to start doing some long walks (5 plus miles) with these shoes.

It has been 40 years since I wore Jungle boots but these seem much better made.

My only complaint is that they were made in China. I didn’t see that until I clicked the order button.

However, I am going to go back and order another pair of Danner boots and get a pair made in the U.S.

Descender 15401 Uniform Boot

So far, I’ve had no real issue with the boots. They’re quiet on the ground and in the woods – a little squeaky on certain floors however, but that’s to be expected.

As far as fit, these DescendersĀ are really snug. The eyelits help keep my feet in place.

When I walk in them, they almost feel like a pair of Air Jordans, until you start running – then you know you got boots on.

They’re very comfortable. Every step is like walking on a padded floor.

Danner Army Kinetic 8″ Boots

Good quality military boots.

Very good brand,well made,and they last when taken care of properly.

I’ve been buying this brand for my son for several pairs of boots now,and he really likes the fit (he wears a size 16,which is hard to find)and comfort.

These boots exceeded my expectations as far as quality and durability.

Danner Men’s Acadia 200G Waterproof Boots

I was issued this boot after my first deployment and wore them for several years.

They are well stitched, with no rough spots on the inside to irritate your feet. The leather portion is easily cleaned and polished, and the Cordura portion is simple to brush off. The tread pattern on the Vibram soles has good grip, and is easy to clean out. The fit is true to size.

There is ample toe-box room, at least in the wide version I purchased. They are quite comfortable once broken in.

Check out this comparison of Bates Durashock vs Danner Acadia.

Danner Men’s Rivot TFX 8″ Tan GTX Work Boot

My Dad got me these boots for my birthday and I’ll be wearing them for the next two birthdays, at least (should The Creator be so kind). I wear these boots almost everyday and I hike every weekend, 50/50 split between backcountry and blazed trails, and I feel like these boots are going to last a long, long time.

Expensive, they are, but you will be getting your moneys worth with these boots as they are going to outlast 2/3 pairs of boots from Walmart (I know from experience).

Just a heads up, these boots have no insulation, which is what I wanted because I plan on using these extensively during the late spring, summer and early fall here in VA.

Danner 8 Marine GORETEX Boots

This is an all new boot that is getting good reviews and is similar to the other Marine boots that Danner makes.

This boot is 8 inch tall, well built with a lot of ankle support and is ready to roll in rough terrain.

I used these in rough desert conditions for several months as a contractor and they held up well.

I am looking to pick up another pair when these eventually wear out – if they do.

Danner Desert TFX 26036 Military Boot Atacs
These are the second pair of danner’s that i’ve bought. the first were danner elk hunters (400 gram thinsulate), very comfortable and solid hunting boots. i bought these because my elk hunters have streched, not bad, i just need to wear my red head wool socks with them, which is fine for colorado, but not hunting in south georgia(too hot!), plus they match the sitka line of hunting gear.

so i ordered these boots on a sat. and received them on wed. very fast, free shipping (not prime). the boots fit great and are very cumfortable and priced well. the only reason i gave 4 stars instead of five is because they are a little rough on my ankle bones, but a little thicker sock should fix that. my elk hunters were the same way until i broke them in. all in all i’m very impressed with the camo, comfort, and they are really light, but i wear boots all day, everyday anyway, but they are a lot lighter than work boots. when i buy a new pair of work boots, i think i’ll buy the regular non-camo desert boots. danners are pricey but they are great boots, work or hunting!!!

Question: Do you have any reviews for theĀ danner pronghorn vs high ground? The Pronghorn is a beefier boot and is known as a hunting boot. Check out more info on the Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8 Inch GTX 800G Hunting boot.

Question: What about the danner rivot vs danner marine? Or Danner Crafter vs Viscous?

Answer: Check out this comparison of the two boots.

Answer: Both are good boots so we suggest you try both on to see how they fit on your foot. We have read in the forums a few good reviews on both.

Question: What about tactical research boots vs danner boots?

Answer: Both are good boots so I would check out the how it fits first.

Question: Are the Danner boots issued to Navy SEAL Teams?

Answer: Yes; I was issued a pair at SEAL Team Four.

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