Top 10 Navy SEAL Sunglasses

Check out this list of the favorite tactical sunglasses used by Navy SEALs out in training and on the streets.

Whether you are protecting your eyes from dust and grime or just looking cool for the ladies – its all good.

You got to have a good pair of glasses when you are working out on the SWCC boats in the ocean or doing field work in the desert.

Rankings based on in-field reports and off the grid check ins at local bars.

#1 Pro-Tip: Find the pair that fits your face and matches the light conditions you will working most in.

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This has been one of Oakley’s top selling glasses and is definitely the eye catcher with tons of style.

The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0gets the job done out in the ocean or in the desert so it works like a charm for Team guys out at work or play.

These are lightweight and will not slide on your head while your running.

We have seen numerous frogs sporting this pair of shades out on the streets.

They also take a fair amount of abuse without breaking.

Question: How do you like Gatorz vs Oakley?

Answer: The Gatorz are unique in that they are metal and have a unique style. If they fit your face and budget are they are super cool.


This has been a go-to pair of eyewear for Team Guys for many years.

The Oakley Crankshaft has all the right angles and full coverage for working out on the boats or coming into town for a beer at McP’s or Danny’s.

I know many Team guys who swear by these and have continued to use them even after leaving the Navy.

You can’t go wrong with these.


TIFOSI BRONX SunglassesThese are one of the lightest and best fitting glasses you will find and the price point is very bearable at about $60 or so.

The Tifosi brand are known for being super light weight and are really big in the biking community.

You can mix and match lenses if you like and they also have a vented lens which really sets them apart from the other companies out there.

#7 KAENON Hard Kore

KAENON Hard Kore SunglassesThese have one of the best lenses with a ground-breaking polarized SR-91 lens.

The Kaenon Hard Kore is a one of a kind pair of eyewear.

The Rhino and Kaenon Arlo is also a good solid design and can take the abuse.

Question: What about Wilex X tactical vs 511 tactical shades? Or those that you see advertised on TV at

Answer: We like both brands and really depends on how well they fit your face and if they stay on when working in adverse conditions.


NATIVE EYEWEAR ELDO SunglassesThese are a really good glass especially for the easy price of about $120 or so.

The Native Eyewear ELDO uses a Rhino-Tuff airframe thermoplastic so these will last for years in the field.

The Native Crestone (in all black) is also a go-to pair.

Question: What brand of glasses are being used on the SEAL Team TV show on the CBS network?

Answer: Those are Gatorz sunglasses. They are also using Mechanix gloves which are one of our favorites. Also there is the HDSpecialOps brand that has a TV commercial.


This company has made a major move in producing tactical eyewear with interchangeable lenses, lightweight frames, goggles and gloves.

The Wiley X Saint Sunglasses are fully Mil-spec so you can depend on them to get the job done.

WILEYX had a huge booth at the recent SHOT show when I was out in Las Vegas.

I ran into a couple of SF guys at Ft Brag that swear by these glasses as their go-to in the field gear.

The Wiley X brand of eyewear became famous after Bradley Cooper wore these in the American Sniper movie.

They are lightweight and you can put a prescription lense in them which really expands their versatility.


Brad NavyI had several pairs of these during my time in the Teams.

I say several in that I kept losing them but I could pick up a fresh pair for $80 or so and all was good again.

The Vuarnets are lightweight and will withstand work out in the field.

I wish I had a pair of these today as they were one of my favorite pairs of glasses for all time. This glasses fit my face perfectly and had a light yellow tint to the lense.


OAKLEY FROG SKINS SunglassesBack in the 80’s and 90’s this was a favorite for the guys and it even gets a mention from Brandon Webb at SOFREP.

The Oakley Frogskins Wayfarer Sunglasses have been retooled and improved and are again and easy to wear get R done pair.

It would be hard to walk around the compound of the Teams and not see at least one frogman wearing a pair of these while working out or heading out for a run on the beach.


Electric Charge SunglassesThese glasses are awesome and super lightweight.

The Electric Charge glasses are currently my go-to eyewear on the street or on my mountain bike.

When you first take them out of the box you notice they are slightly different as the frame is made of a high speed material “Gritamid”.

These glasses are very different in that they have a space age lens nicknamed “OHM” which stands for Optical Health through Melanin.

If you are looking for lightweight this is the pair to get.

Check out the SGPT review of Electric Charge here:


Gatorz Magnum SunglassesThese are the Navy sunglasses made famous by the “Lone Survivor” movie.

The Gatorz Sunglasses are made in the USA which is good to know as many are made in China.

These are made from CNC’d aluminum so they are much beefier than any other glass you will wear.

A percent of all sales on Gatorz has been very generous to donate a percent of all sales to the Navy SEAL Foundation to help veterans in need.

I had a prescription made for these glasses and have been wearing them during mountain bike races.

Check out the SGPT review of Gatorz sunglasses here:

Question: Where can I find out more info on Naval Special Warfare?

Answer: Check out the Navy’s main website.

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